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How to Add or Remove Music from Facebook Profile

If versatility was the only parameter to gauge a social media app, Facebook would end up to be a runaway winner by decimating all other rivals out there. Whether you would like to observe fun-loving short clips, play instant games, find a pleasant person for dating, market your products, or maybe tune into your favorite songs, Facebook can roll in the hay all. Speaking of songs, the social media app allows you to add songs to your Facebook profile on iPhone and Android devices in order that you'll stream them once you want while browsing through your personalized feed or chatting together with your friends. Sounds interesting? Let me show you ways you'll add or remove music from your Facebook profile.

How to Add or Remove Music from Facebook Profile on iOS and Android

Integrated with a huge library of songs, Facebook is fully equipped to cater to a spread of tastes. Once you've got added songs, you'll pin them to your profile, view the artist’s page, and even add them to your story. Moreover, if you ever find some songs not in line together with your interest, you'll also remove them. confine mind, the songs that you simply increase Facebook profile are public, so anyone can view your collection.

Add Music to Your Facebook Profile

1. Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device and tap on the profile picture at the highest left corner.

2. Scroll down a touch and tap on Music.

3. It’s time to look for your favorite song or artist. Once you've got found the song you're trying to find , hit the Add button. you'll add as many songs to your profile as you would like . So, scroll through the huge collection to select all the songs that you simply love taking note of .

That’s just about it! you've got successfully added the song to your Facebook profile.

Hear Songs You’ve Added to Your Facebook Profile

If you ever want to concentrate to the songs you've got added, all you would like to try to to is head into an equivalent music section and hit the song you would like to concentrate to.

1. Open Facebook app on your mobile device -> profile photo -> Music. 2. Now, you ought to see the list of all the songs you've got added to your profile. Simply tap on the song you would like to concentrate to.

NOTE: If you would like to concentrate to the complete song on Spotify, tap the song then hit Play Full Song On at the highest left. Now, select Spotify within the popup menu that shows up at rock bottom.

Pin Song to Your Facebook Profile or Remove Unwanted Songs

Aside from letting you add songs to your profile, Facebook allows you to pin songs also . And if you not like certain songs, you'll easily delete them from your profile.

1. Launch Facebook on your device -> profile photo -> Music. 2. Now, tap on the three horizontal dots next to the song in question.

3. Finally, tap on Pin to profile or hit Delete song from profile to urge obviate the song.

Note: during this very popup menu, you'll also get the choice to feature the song to your story and consider the artist’s page.

Add or Delete Songs on Facebook Profile

So, that’s the way you'll make a solid collection of all of your favorite songs and catch up with them while using the social media app. As someone who likes to hear music, I find this feature a pleasant implementation. Anyway, what’s your thinking for this cool feature? Express yourself in the comments below.


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