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How to Bulk Delete Facebook Posts on iPhone and Android

Sharing photos, videos, or thoughts with friends on Facebook has always been fun on behalf of me . Though I confirm to share only the posts that I find appreciable or which will win tons of praise from friends and loved ones, there are a couple of aberrations sometimes . Besides, regardless of how praiseworthy some posts might appear at the time of posting, they have a tendency to become irrelevant (if not a source of annoyance and embarrassment) overtime. Although Facebook allowed users to look activity log and delete specific posts, the method was rather tedious. But that’s not the case today! because of a recent update, you'll now bulk delete Facebook posts on your iPhone or Android device with ease. Let me guide you through!

Bulk Delete Facebook Posts on Android and iOS

The latest version of Facebook allows you to filter your activities supported three things: Categories, Date, and other people . you'll choose any of the three options to sort your Facebook posts and hunt those that you simply don’t want to point out on your profile page. Once you've got selected the redundant posts, you'll prefer to either archive or remove all of them at one go.

1. On your iPhone or Android device, launch the Facebook app.

2. Now, tap on your profile photo to travel to the profile page.

3. Next, click on the three-dot menu right next to the “+Add Story button, then choose the Activity Log.

4. Next up, tap on the Manage Activity button at the highest and choose Your Posts within the popup.

5. Up next, tap on Filters at the highest .

6. Now, you'll get three options to sort your posts: Category, Date, and other people .

7. Select the well-liked choice to hunt the posts you don’t want to point out anymore. during this guide, I’m getting to choose Date because the preferred sorting option. then , enter the (start and end) duration and tap on Done at the highest right.

8. Finally, select the posts you would like to get rid of then archive or dump them into the recycle bin.

Bulk Delete Your Facebook Posts with Ease

With almost 2 billion users, Facebook remains far and away the foremost loved social networking platform within the world. What puts this app before the curve may be a range of cool features like dating, adding music to a Facebook profile, and live streaming videos. Though privacy remains a priority , it's taken some appreciable steps, like adding the power to get rid of third-party app access, towards boosting privacy. By the way, share your thoughts about this new feature and whether you discover it helpful or not.


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