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How to download videos from Twitter

It's easy to download videos from Twitter, provided you've got the proper tools handy , whether you're on a desktop, phone or tablet.

How to download videos from Twitter: If you see a picture online that you want to save lots of , it is easy enough to try to to so -- all it takes may be a quick right click and you're good to travel . this system also works on Twitter (although things are slightly more complicated for posts that include multiple images) but you will need to require a special approach when it involves saving videos. There are numerous reasons why you would possibly want to download videos from Twitter, and the way you set about it depends considerably on whether you're using the desktop or mobile version of the service. If you are a desktop Twitter user (that is, someone accessing the location employing a browser in Windows, macOS or Linux) there are various online tools which will be wont to download videos from Twitter. Many of those tools also can be used on iPhone and Android mobile devices, but you'll be better served by a fanatical video downloading app. Whatever platform you're using, here's how you'll set about downloading videos from Twitter.

How to download videos from Twitter


SaveTweetVid is a web video downloader which you'll use to save lots of videos, GIFs and audio files that you simply find on Twitter. so as to download a video that's included during a tweet, you'll got to known the URL of the tweet in question. It's possible that you simply have watched videos in your Twitter timeline without clicking through to the particular tweet, and you'll access this by either clicking the text of the tweet, or by clicking its timestamp. This appears above the tweet, next to the username of the user who shared the video – it indicates how way back the tweet was posted, so it could say anything from one minute to many days. Open the tweet you want to download, highlight its URL within the address bar of your browser and either right-click and choose 'Copy', or press Ctrl + C simultaneously. After this task done, move to the SaveTweetVid site and paste the URL into the box labelled 'Enter Twitter URL'. you'll either right-click during this field and choose 'Paste', or left-click and press Ctrl+V simultaneously. You'll then see an inventory of possible video downloads. You can download videos from Twitter at different resolutions, including 720p, 480p and 320p. Click the 'Download' button next to the version you're curious about and therefore the video will start to play. To rock bottom right corner of the video window, click the three dots button then click the 'Download' option within the menu that appears. Choose a reputation and a save location for the video and hit 'Save'. That's all there's thereto . You'll notice that the SaveTweetVid page that lists the varied versions of a video you'll download also features a QR code – a kind of barcode readable by your smartphone. this provides you a fast and straightforward thanks to download the present video to you phone by simply scanning the QR code, but if you would like to download videos from Twitter to your phone on a daily basis, there's a neater solution.


iOS users can address the file viewer Documents by Re addle to download videos from Twitter. With this free app installed, open the Twitter app, ind a video you're curious about , and click on the share button (the up arrow) beneath the tweet. Tap 'Share Tweet via' then tap 'Copy link'. Now switch to Documents by Re addle and click on the compress icon to the lower right to launch the integrated browser. Visit the Twitter Video Downloader Online and paste the URL you first copied. You'll then tend the prospect to settle on the standard at which you'd wish to download the video.


Things are a touch easier for Android users because of the very appropriately named Download Twitter Videos app. With this app installed, stir up Twitter and tap the Share icon before tapping Download Twitter. Now tap the download button and you will be asked which version of the chosen video you'd wish to download. Just tap the one you're curious about , and therefore the video will download.


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