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How to Enable YouTube's Dark Mode

Did you recognize that YouTube features a hidden Dark Mode? If not, here is how you'll enable YouTube Dark Mode in your YouTube Account. Many Apps and websites provide us an option called Dark Mode for readers spending an extended time on their website/app. Spending an extended time on normal screen will drastically affect our Eyes. The blue light coming from the screen is basically bad for our eyes. So, it's must to require actions to stop it.

If you're one of who spent tons of your time on YouTube, then it'll be always a far better idea to modify to the newest Dark Mode to scale back Eye Strain while watching videos on YouTube. The blue light coming from the screen isn't good for our eyes. So, to scale back the attention strain to some extent it's advised to enable Dark Mode.

If you thought dark were only for apps, re-evaluate . YouTube now offers a dark theme for users uninterested in the streaming video site filling their faces with bright white light.

That is, if you recognize the way to enable it.

Originally, YouTube's dark mode only worked on desktops, but on March 13, YouTube added it to its iOS app, and therefore the Android app are going to be getting this setting soon. If the mobile instructions don't work, try force-quitting the app and re-opening it.

How to Enable YouTube's Dark Mode on iOS

1. Click the Profile icon in the top right corner.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Turn Dark Mode on.

You've enabled Dark Mode for YouTube on iOS!

How to enable YouTube's Dark Mode on your desktop:

1. Click your Profile icon in the top right corner.

2. Click Dark Theme

3. Click the Activate Dark Theme switch

You've unlocked YouTube's Dark Mode! Pop some popcorn and enjoy some videos.


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