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How to Lock Aadhaar Biometric Data Online

The Biometric Data captured are used for future verification purposes, for e.g. once you submit your Aadhaar Card as a symbol of identity/ address or DoB to verify your details your fingerprint are going to be captured to authenticate your data and if the fingerprint matches with the source than it gets verified successfully. So this process is understood as eKYC verification, during this way the KYC process is completed within a couple of minutes and paperless with ease. When you get an Aadhaar card, you furthermore may give the govt your fingerprint and retinal scan data. this is often called Biometric Data. Your biometric data are often used for Aadhaar verification, which suggests that (for example) once you submit an Aadhaar card as a symbol of identity to urge a SIM card, you'll use your fingerprint to permit the telecom company to acess your identity information. By doing this, it can quickly authenticate the ID, speeding up things like KYC verification. However, there are a few of cases where people have claimed misuse of Aadhaar biometric identification . people that haven't used their Aadhaar card for a short time have received an email from UIDAI stating that their data has been accessed via biometric identification . this is often obviously quite alarming. All this will be avoided if you lock your Biometric Information stored on UIDAI's servers. this is able to mean that the Biometric Data can't be accessed by anyone else - you'll unlock it whenever you would like to use it for verification, then lock it again.

  1. Open the UIDAI website.

  2. Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number.

  3. Enter the safety code that shows abreast of the image below your Aadhaar number. Click Generate OTP.

  4. A one-time password are going to be sent via an SMS to your registered telephone number . Enter the OTP on an equivalent page.

  5. Click Verify.

  6. Now check Enable biometric locking.

  7. Next, click Enable after checking Enable biometric locking.

  8. If you would like to disable the lock, uncheck Enable biometric locking and click on Disable.

  9. This will lock and unlock Aadhar UIDAI biometric info.

Locking Biometric Data means you'll authenticate transactions or requests for information which are based on Adhaar can only be authenticated via the OTP sent to your mobile number, not even with your thumb or iris scan.


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