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Meet Namya Joshi, the 13-Year-Old From Ludhiana Whom Satya Nadella Praised On Stage

Namya Joshi garnered attention after winning UNESCO Clubs 2018-2019 Worldwide Youth Multimedia Competition for creating educational Minecraft modules.

Joshi gained attention in 2019 for how she used Minecraft to help educate other children like herself. In the year that’s followed, this teenager has accomplished a lot, and has big plans for the future.

Last week, on the stage at Microsoft’s Future Decoded technology summit in Bengaluru, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella ended his keynote presentation by praising 13-year-old Namya Joshi, a girl from Ludhiana. Joshi had earned the spotlight thanks to her work a year ago in using the block-building game Minecraft, to create educational experiences that helped other school children like herself learn about history and other subjects. In the year since she won the UNESCO Clubs 2018-2019 Worldwide Youth Multimedia Competition, Joshi hasn’t rested on her laurels, and is an example of young people leveraging technology to improve the world. Gadgets 360 spoke to Joshi, to learn more about her experiments with Minecraft, and the things she has experienced in the last year.

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Joshi, an avid reader, created a project a project called “Magical World of Books Leading to #SDG'S 2030” that featured elements from Harry Potter universe and the Egyptian civilization, for which she secured a winner's spot in the 10-14 year category. When asked what new Minecraft Worlds has she created following her victory, she enthusiastically detailed an exhaustive list across various subjects, and more that she plans to work on in the near future.

“I've created new Minecraft Worlds on states of matter for chemistry, cybersecurity, Each Drop Counts-—Save Water for environmental studies, respiratory system for biology. I've also created a Minecraft World on good health and well-being, which shows how people are living now and how they used to live (back) then. I've also created a few lessons in French as well”, she said. And she's got more in the works, with plans to create more worlds to explore. Next up will be the Seven Wonders of the World, and the history of India during the Mughal rule — which are a part of her academic curriculum as well.


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