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Updated: Apr 10

CES 2020 will emcee a wide variety of advanced thinkers, par-defying brands, and promising startups. As such, the event will give consumers an early look at the groundbreaking tech products that will jumpstart the trends of the 2020s. One such gadget is Waverly Labs’ Ambassador, an AI-enhanced translation headset. Efficient of performing professional-grade live speech rendering, the device has the potential to modify international tourism, education, and commerce.

How Ambassador Works

Waverley Labs translation solution has two parts—a single earbud and an associating mobile application. Ambassador connects with the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth to connect to the device to the startup’s cloud-based neural network. Afterward, the headset can perform three distinctive live translation functions.

Ambassador’s Listen mode uses a built-in microphone range and voice realization algorithms to catch the speech of anyone within an 8-foot radius. The Ambassador then uploads the recorded audio and can transform it into one of 20 languages and 42 accent. The interpreted speech is played back in the user’s native language through the earbud.

Meanwhile, Ambassador’s Lecture mode allows for opposite interpretive functionality. When active, it changes a user’s speech into a different language that can be broadcast through their smartphone or a Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

Lastly, the AI-enhanced interpreter’s Converse mode helps communication between people who speak dissimilar languages. To use it, two to four users pair their Ambassadors to one phone. The networked earbuds then record and translate the participants’ conversation in real-time.

How Ambassador Can Change the World

Although many big companies and startups have developed translation devices in the past, Waverly’s Ambassador has authorized world-changing potential.

For one, the startup has been producing applauded electronic interpreters since 2014. Waverly’s engineers, developers, and language experts worked together to build the Pilot smart earbuds. The groundbreaking device provided real-time speech translation in 15 languages and 42 dialects and garnered the company worldwide press coverage. Finally, the company made $5 million pre-selling Pilot to over 35,000 consumers worldwide.

After that initial success, Waverley worked to make its devices and software more hardcore and functional. As a final result, the company produced Ambassador, a wearable able of providing unique, professional-grade translation.


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