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What does Google know about me?

Google knows a lot more than you can even imagine. If you are a daily user of Google products like google chrome, google apps, google drive, google maps etc. then you can think how much your data has been sent to Google by you.

If you are using its products like Gmail, Google phone and even Google Search, Google is collecting your data for other end users. It’s not hiding that it knows this -- a quick peek at its privacy policy makes it crystal clear that Google knows this information -- but it might be surprising just how much it knows. Let's take an example whenever you search for any youtube video mostly they show up with those related videos which you already saw it. There's more of it!

As a quick sampler, while I worked on this guide, I discovered Google knows the following about me:

  • My name, gender and birthdate

  • My personal cellphone numbers

  • My recent Google searches

  • The websites I’ve visited

  • That I turned on my bedroom lights last night

  • Exactly where I’ve been over the past several years

  • That I like American football, games, jazz, audio equipment, my favorite food & drink and more.

  • Where I work

  • Where I live

  • The YouTube videos I’ve watched and my YouTube searches

  • Every time I’ve used my voice to interact with Google Assistant (complete with recordings of my voice.)

Find out where Google knows you’ve been

Google’s Location History page shows a complete guide to everywhere you’ve been, in addition to your home and work, which you may have saved in Google Maps. It knows almost everywhere I’ve been since 2010. The map above shows a detailed look at the places Google knows I’ve visited.

See your YouTube Activity

Google keeps tabs on your YouTube Search and YouTube Watch history. You can see exactly what Google knows you’ve watched or searched for on YouTube by clicking either of those links.

You can limit what Google keeps

Want to limit what Google can find and share about you beyond the links provided above? Be sure to use its Privacy Checkup tool. You can also visit the Activity page and toggle everything off, so that Google stops checking in on your location, device information, web & app activity, voice & audio activity, YouTube Search and Watch history and more.

Google is pretty transparent about all of this

To its credit, Google can't stay away to let users know, "What data is collected and share". Its “Your Data” privacy page explains that it tracks things you create, such as emails, contacts you add, calendar events and photos you upload.


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