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What is a Podcast? Which are The Best Motivational Podcasts?

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are commonly described as on-demand internet radio conversations.

The word “podcast” may be a portmanteau, a mixture of the words pod and broadcast:

Pod refers to iPod devices and implies that this content is portable so you'll hear it anywhere you go. Broadcast is inspired by the medium of radio as podcast content are often consumed precisely the same way. These tracks are typically audio recordings of a conversation between a number and a guest speaker, a bit like those you'll hear on the radio, or one monologue of an individual sharing his or her thoughts. The topics of the content can practically be anything from business and marketing to travel and yoga then on.

How to hear a podcast?

When it involves a podcasts beginners guide, knowing the way to find podcasts is pretty important.

Listening to podcasts is simpler than most of the people think. you'll look for tracks on the website of the author or on iTunes and easily click the Play button to stream.

Nowadays, podcasts are the foremost popular sort of consuming audio content on-the-go. Besides your personal computer , you'll hear these audios from your iPhone or Android device, mp3 player, iPod, tablet, or any portable digital device.

Best Motivational Podcasts of 2020

If you’re lacking within the motivation department (as many folks are!) and wish a significant boost of inspiration, why not try taking note of a podcast? These podcasts cover a variety of topics from health and happiness, to productivity, forming new habits, and financial success.

To get a far better idea of why these are considered the simplest motivational podcasts out there, grab a group of headphones or happen the quantity in your car, and obtain able to conquer the day.

Personal Growth

It comes as no surprise that the subject of private growth tops the list of best motivational podcasts. Striving to become your best self takes time, practice, perseverance, and an entire lot of patience. And what better thanks to gain inspiration, then to tune to at least one of those podcasts.

The Science of Success

Science meets psychology during this weekly podcast hosted by Matt Bodnar. Guests on The Science of Success range from neuro-psychologists and entrepreneurs to FBI hostage negotiators and mindfulness gurus.

The goal of the show is to urge you brooding about your potential for fulfillment and learn ways to become a far better version of yourself.

The School of Greatness

Whether you’re during a growth slump or simply need an additional boost of confidence and inspiration to scale-up your life, Lewis Howes, host of the varsity of Greatness, will offer you everything you would like , then some.

Through his own experiences and interviews with influential people, Howes shares stories about facing loss, dreaming big, becoming a champion, attracting wealth, and setting yourself up for fulfillment , with the hope of helping you discover your sense of purpose.


Fill your morning commute with tidbits of inspiration, information, and motivation about the way to take better care of your health with these podcasts. Get answers to a number of your most burning questions beat the time it takes you to urge from home to the office.

TED Talks Health

If you've got questions on your health, TED Talks Health has answers. Each episode is packed filled with information from doctors and researchers on a very wide selection of topics. Whether you're interested by sleep, medication, vaping, or bad breath, this podcast has something for everybody .

Optimal Health Daily

Sometimes all we'd like may be a quick summary of the foremost pressing health topics to motivate us to require better care of ourselves. With the Optimal Health Daily podcast, you get a daily dose of data about everything from dieting and pesticides to activated carbon , supplements, and exercise.

And the best part? Each episode is under 15-minutes, with the typical time period around eight to 10 minutes.


Wishing for more happiness are some things most folks are conversant in , but it’s the actions you're taking that determine what proportion joy you'll have in life. These podcasts will offer you a glimpse into the lives of people and the way they're choosing happiness every single day.

The Happier Podcast

If you’ve ever wanted to make more happiness in your life, then The Happier Podcast is for you. Host, Gretchen Rubin, examines daily habits and therefore the role they play within the overall quality of your life.

From work and friendships to productivity and creativity, Rubin uses humor and attribute to deliver simple tips which will assist you live a happier life.

The Good Life Project

The Good Life Project podcast turns your front room , car, or weekend run into an intimate conversation with a number of the foremost inspiring, well-known guests, and everyday people.

Through interviews crammed with thought-provoking questions, host Jonathan Fields asks guests to share something unfiltered about their life, and the way they’ve turned those experiences into powerful messages of hope and happiness.


Staying the course may be a batch easier once you have someone guiding you along the way. Find the motivation you would like to stay to your workout routine with one among these fitness podcasts.

Ali on the Run

Runners of all levels will enjoy taking note of Ali on the Run. hebdomadally Ali Feller gives subscribers a healthy dose of motivation through her words of wisdom about working hard, running hard, and doing whatever it takes to interrupt a physical and mental sweat. Feller interviews guests about everything from marathon training and yoga to psychological state and wellness.


If hitting the gym is your “go-to” when stress levels rise, then Emily Abbate’s fitness podcast, Hurdle, is for you. Appropriately named, Abbate features people facing hurdles or challenges in life, like, we all do, but with attention on how they integrate wellness into their routines as an outlet for stress and anxiety.

What makes this podcast one among the simplest , is Abbate’s unique ability to keeps things real while pushing forward, which isn't always easy to seek out within the fitness world.

Home Cleanliness and Organization

When life gets busy, because it so often does, spending time scrubbing toilets and organizing your clothes in super specific ways could be the last item you would like to try to to . But with the assistance from these genius hosts, you’ll get your house (and life) back on target in no time.

A Slob Comes Clean

Regardless of how messy your home is , you’ll always feel right reception with Dana K White. With an extra-large dose of humor and a few excellent, down-to-earth tips and tricks, A Slob Comes Clean will motivate you to tidy and scrub every inch of your house, or a minimum of the parts of your house that folks see.

Clutter Free Academy

Imagine what proportion time you'd have if you had a decluttering expert available to you 24/7. With Kathi Lipp’s Clutter Free Academy, you’ll find out how to wash up your house and your life, and still have time to try to to the items you're keen on . tune once every week to urge tips and advice to assist you begin your clutter-free journey.


Let’s face it: Our days and nights are packed filled with to-do lists, tasks, and everything else that must get done before your head hits the pillow. It are often hard to seek out time for your own partner, including leave on dates. These podcasts will are available handy when it involves gathering tips for better relationships.

I Do Podcast

When you can’t make it to couples counseling, and you would like some insight and advice about the way to manage your relationship, inspect the I Do Podcast from husband and wife team, Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz.

They share practical wisdom about their own marriage and raising a family, plus, tips from therapists and relationship experts on topics starting from resentment and loving through differences to learning about your partner’s love language.

Dear Sugars

Co-hosts, Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond team to offer you unfiltered advice about all things relationships. Their podcast, Dear Sugars, tackles a number of the foremost commonly asked questions and concerns about family issues, sex, love, divorce, infidelity, then far more . Plus, they encourage listeners to email them with their most burning questions.



Whether you’re trying to find how to scale-up in your current job otherwise you need some guidance on the way to change careers, Jenny Blake, host of the podcast Pivot with Jenny Blake, has you covered.

This former Google career coach knows all about the connection between motivation and work, and she or he uses her wisdom to share recommendations on how you'll make your next move.

Being Boss

While geared towards freelancers and entrepreneurs, the Being Boss podcast is really an honest listen for anyone looking to realize knowledge about the mindset, habits, and routines that are either helping you or preventing you from making money doing what you're keen on .

Co-hosts, Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, combat career and work-related topics like setting boundaries, marketing, productivity, self-limiting beliefs, and goal setting.

Financial Success

There is a particular subset of individuals who are brilliant when it involves all things money. And then, there’s the remainder folks . the great news? Tuning into a weekly podcast can help boost your financial IQ and put some a refund in your pocket.

The Stacking Benjamins

Three days every week , Joe Saul-Sehy broadcasts live from his mom’s basement, which is a component of the charm of this awesome podcast that focuses on helping others build wealth. study saving, investing, and risk management from Joe and therefore the sort of experts he brings on The Stacking Benjamins Show.

Planet Money

NPR has done it again with their twice-weekly podcast, Planet Money, that breaks down what’s happening within the economy and provides you information about finance that really is sensible .

Through great narration, story-telling, and interviews, this eclectic line-up of hosts will cause you to desire you’re having a conversation together with your ally .


Do you desire you're always trying to urge caught up? find out how to extend productivity, both at work and in your personal life, with these top podcasts.

The Brendon Show

Do you live a charged life? That’s the question Brendon Burchard, host of the podcast, The Brendon Show, asks listeners whenever he goes live.

Burchard keeps it real by sharing what he’s battling and dealing on to assist you target the areas in your life you would like to enhance . He covers topics like careers, work ethic, tips to spice up your productivity, and the way to motivate others.

The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show is home to the author of the famous book, “The 4-Hour Workweek,” among others. In his weekly podcast, he interviews experts in various fields on everything from personal and character development, to exercise routines, acting, risk capital , investing, business, time-management tricks, then far more .

Forming New Habits

Breaking old habits and forming new ones are often challenging, especially if you’re unsure where to start out . the great news is, you’re not alone. These podcasts will assist you feel inspired to dive in and obtain things done.

The Habit Coach

If you would like encouragement to form permanent changes in your life, then The Habit Coach With Ashdin Doctor is for you. Each episode is centered around tips and motivation that encourage you to make new habits that impact your lifestyle .

Host, Ashdin Doctor, covers topics like nutrition, fitness, health, sleep, and productivity. and therefore the best part? the bulk of the episodes are but 10-minutes long.

Tiny Leaps Big Changes

Forming a replacement habit takes time. It also requires tiny leaps along the way, and nobody knows that better than the host of small Leaps, Big Changes, Gregg Clunis. This personal development podcast dives deep into the foremost common daily behaviors and appears at how those behaviors determine results, both positive and negative.


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