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PUBG Mobile is Going to be Launched as Battlegrounds Mobile in India - Techharry

How to Check Upcoming Movies & TV Shows on Netflix in 4 Simple Steps

Netflix is super popular video streaming platform where all genres of movies, original Netflix movies and series are uploaded for people to watch. But people have to pay some cash first to subscribe to Netflix. As you know, Netflix has a huge collection of movies and web series . They also have a collection of upcoming movies and their new trailers. Some People who love to watch latest Netflix movies and Netflix series, don't know where to find the upcoming movies in Netflix, neither on laptop/PC nor on their smartphones. In this article, we would love to share this hidden trick to find upcoming Netflix movies and web series. You can find Upcoming Netflix Movies from your smartphone, your computer and even from your Android TV. How To Find Upcoming Netflix Movies from Netflix official website   People from anywhere, can see what's coming to Netflix this week or this month. But there are some steps to find those upcoming Netflix movies from its official website . Let's se

How to Set Up Parents Account in PS5 - Steps To Setup Family Accounts in PS5

  Setting up password protected parents account in Play Station 5 is not a difficult task. In PS5 consoles, you can easily manage more than one accounts and their passwords very easily. If you have children in your home, it's super important to setup password protected parents account in your play station 5. It's very useful so that your kids don't accidentally open age-inappropriate stuff in your games or while surfing the browser. So, now, let's get to know about setting and managing multiple family accounts in PS5 in just a few steps. How To Set Up Parents Accounts in PS5 Although, your children can use the main PS5 account without getting notice by you if your purchases in PS5 are password protected. Play Station gamers can also set up private family member account, if they find any need of this. So, this article is all about setting up and managing private family account in PS5. Then the only thing remain will be creating their own personal users on Play Station. S

How to Disable and Enable Camera & Microphone in Windows 10

We use both camera and microphone when we video call someone or in a meeting. But it's 21st century, and you know everything is not so crystal clear. Today, we can't expect privacy without turning on/off camera and microphone, at least not in Windows OS. When we do video calls on Skype or Zoom, we have to enable the camera and microphone so that we could show our faces to our team leaders or boss and talk with them. But it is also possible that our laptop camera or microphone can be hacked and the hackers can easily see what we're doing or talking. But you don't need to worry. Windows 10 operating system has the ability to enable your camera and microphone as well as disable your camera and microphone in some clicks. Enabling/Disabling Camera & Microphone in Windows 10 Enabling the camera or microphone and Disabling the camera or microphone in Windows 10 needs some serious permissions from the user. To do so, you need to turn On the camera/mic permissions from setti

7 Websites where you can find the Best Gaming Laptops

Hey guys, welcome to the TechHarry . I know everybody loves gaming especially on a gaming laptop with high resolution and high refresh rate display. It's like gaming is in our blood. It's basically true because when we were kids, we used to play games outside and every weekend on a gaming console where games were stored in a cassette. Best of the best Gaming laptops brands like Asus, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, MSI and many more are launching new gaming laptops with great graphics cards and big fast RAMs. But who motivates them? It's you. The gamers of the world motivates them to launch such gaming laptops where gamers find performance and speed. In this article, we'll talk about 7 amazing websites where you can find the best gaming laptops even when the new gaming laptops just launched. These websites, if I say the truth, are my favorite websites to surf on the internet. When you search for them, you'll know you can get information not only about gaming laptops but about t

How To Add iPhone Playlists and Albums To Your Apple Watch - TechHarry

Apple Watch can work great without holding your Apple smartphone all the time. The Apple Watch allows you to even download Whatsapp and update this. You can sync your Apple Smartphone's music to your Apple Watch. The best benefit from your favorite Music in your Apple Watch is when you run on the treadmill or on the road, and you don't want to stuck with your Apple iPhone , then your Apple Watch is your best companion. You will not need anything to pair with your Apple Watch when you have added your favorite playlist or albums in your Apple Watch.  Follow this journey to know "How can you add your favorite playlist or album to your Apple Watch" ? Adding Your Favorite Playlist or Album in Apple Watch The most interesting fact about the latest update of WatchOS is that it allows the Apple Watch user to sync their workout playlist on their Apple Watch. Workout playlist for those who daily exercise and hear some hardcore music along with it. When you add your music to th

Poco M3 vs Redmi 9 Power: Battle of The Smartphones Pt.1 | TechHarry

In this era, smartphones are in a very high demand. If you look around yourself you will see smartphones everywhere. Thus, competition of smartphone brands always on the go. By increase number of population in the world, demand of smartphones have also increased. Smartphone brands launch latest smartphones to compete with their competitors and therefore, they have to increase number of functionalities in their smartphones. Today, you can see, every man want to have a smartphone which has a good camera, high storage and huge battery life. To fulfill this purpose, companies make high end smartphones every year. The prices of smartphones usually start from $100 up to more than $1000. The more the price, the more functions you get. Today, I'm going to compare two of the best low-range smartphones and the interesting thing is that they both are from a very popular brand XIAOMI . Xiaomi has been leading the mobile industry for more than 5 years. It has been the most sold smartphone brand

10+ Best Apple Macbook Accessories | TechHarry

If you own an Apple Macbook or Apple Macbook Pro, then you probably know that only a laptop is not enough for your work. Apple make Macbooks Slim, fast working and durable. That's why every other American has a Macbook. Apple Macbook Pro is very useful when you often do video editing or music production. They have the ability to work heavy CPU jobs for long hours. But, again, every Macbook owner knows it's not enough to fulfill your job. Apple Macbook are expensive but they provide best out of them. They are useful in doing school/college assignments and even for travelling. That's why, I'm going to elaborate some of the best Apple Macbook accessories which will provide you every help you need. So, let's get started... 1. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Flash Drive SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Flash Drive is one of the best and affordable USB flash drive. It is available in various memory storage variants like 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. It is

How to high/low keyboard brightness in M1 Macbook | TechHarry

HOW TO ADJUST M1 MACBOOK BACKLIT KEYBOARD BRIGHTNESS 2020 Macbook Air and Macbook Pro have been available with the latest Apple M1 chipset processor and people who owned these laptops, loved M1 chipset on their laptop. As Apple doesn't change its design on their new laptops but they removed the hot key for backlit keyboard's brightness and as replacement they added Macbook's search shortcut - Spotlight, D&D (Do Not Disturb) Hot key and Dictation. So, now you are asking, how can we adjust our brightness of our Macbook Air or Macbook Pro Backlit Keyboard. Stay tuned and read yourself to know. 😁 Modify Keyboard Brightness in M1 Chipset Macbook Air and Pro Although Apple has removed shortcut hot keys for adjusting keyboard brightness in M1 Macbook Air and Pro. But we have there are some other ways to change the brightness of backlit-keyboard in Macbook Pro ( $2,199 ) and Macbook Air ( $987.50 ). Let's discuss the ways now.  1. Change Keyboard Brightness Using Contro