ConnecTeam: The Ultimate Employee Monitoring Software for Modern Businesses


ConnecTeam Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Businesses love constant growth and in this modern world, all they need is software that can streamline workflows, and enhance employee productivity, and overall performance. There is an optimal software called Connecteam that can ensure you the performance as well as the monitoring system you need.

In this article, we'll discover the Connecteam monitoring software, revealing the features, benefits, and pricing of Connecteam. We'll discuss why small businesses should use this monitoring software. Connecteam is helpful for small business owners, team managers who are willing to enhance team efficiency and HR professionals. For more information, keep reading the article.

Understanding ConnecTeam

ConnecTeam is a popular employee management and monitoring software designed for both office and remote workers to increase the business's productivity. This helpful business software maintains a strong relationship between the team manager and employees.

With more than 100,000 employees worldwide, ConnecTeam is serving 8,000+ organizations in different sections including retail, field services, healthcare, logistics, security, and more.

ConnecTeam Features

ConnecTeam is an excellent software for those managers who are willing to improve employees' efforts. As you know, ConnecTeam is a great alternative to Clockify, so you must know the key features of this time management & employee monitoring software. So, without wasting any time further, let's get started.

  • Better Employee Communication
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Checklists & Forms
  • Employee Task Management
  • HR & People Management

1. Better Employee Communication

Whether you, as a team manager, want to check new updates & announcements, surveys, or events, ConnecTeam connects you with the team. You can easily share new plans, and information as well as keep your employees up-to-date.

Better Employee Communication using ConnecTeam

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2. Employee Time Clock

Time management is very important for an organization's success. That's why ConnecTeam offers an excellent integrated time clock to stay organized. It features a one-click clock in-n-out button, real-time visibility with GPS, single-click absence & PTO approvals, and payroll integrations. It also provides Kiosk App, GPS tracking, an overtime validator, saving labor costs, break management, automatic repairing, and more.

Employee Time Clock in ConnecTeam

3. Employee Scheduling

ConnecTeam software isn't afraid of big organizations. It is a perfect scheduling app for assigning tasks and creating schedules for employees. Organizations save lots of unnecessary costs using the scheduling app. The important thing is that ConnecTeam allows you to manage any schedule from anywhere.

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ConnecTeam Employee Scheduling Tool

4. Checklists & Forms

Gather information, propose plans to teams, create checklists and forms, and tell me a single thing that ConnecTeam can't do. It is an all-in-one tool for businesses and interestingly, you can start for free. You can create daily or weekly checklists, and goals so that you can reach your ultimate target as soon as possible. Creating forms for surveys and other tasks is also possible and quite simple with this software.

Checklists and Forms in ConnecTeam

5. Employee Task Management

We have talked about scheduling tasks, employee communication methods, time clocks, and checklists. Now, it is time for another great feature of this software - Task Management. ConnecTeam features a task management feature that allows you to assign different tasks to your team members, manage the tasks, and check the employees' progress. You can also perform more different actions including recurring tasks, custom digital forms & checklists, task automation, and many more.

Employee Task Management in ConnecTeam

6. HR & People Management

Managing new employees, employees' engagements, employee recognition, and more with ConnecTeam. It also helps HR managers to see the overview of employees' performance from time to time. They can easily check employees' reports, roadmaps, growth, and development. ConnecTeam also allows users to store and manage all employees' documents, contracts, text forms, personal forms, and more.

HR and People Management using ConnecTeam software

Benefits of Using ConnecTeam

Connecteam is a powerful workforce management and employee monitoring software that offers many useful features for various industries. Here, we have the benefits of using Connecteam and understand if this software is suitable for your business needs or not.

Streamlined Communication

ConnecTeam offers streamlined communication so that there can be effortless, and instant messaging, group chats, and announcements with team members. It allows users to collaborate with each other while working on a project.

Efficient Task Management

From planning, assigning, and tracking, ConnecTeam helps businesses to do it all. It helps businesses optimize workflows, set task priorities, and help team members complete projects on time. Thus, it improves overall productivity.

Real-Time Reporting

Connecteam offers real-time reporting and analytics tools for team managers to gain various insights such as employee performance, attendance, and work hours. 

Mobile Workforce Management

Connecteam is easily accessible from its mobile-friendly interface. Employees can remotely access schedules, submit reports, and receive updates on the go. Team managers can also send tasks and operations to employees through their mobiles.

Customizable Forms and Checklists

The software allows businesses and individuals to create customized forms, checklists, and reports as per their requirements. This feature is specially offered to construction, healthcare, and field industries, where documentation and compliance are complex.

Time and Attendance Tracking

The platform offers advanced time-tracking features including geolocation tagging and biometric time clocks. This time and attendance tracking feature helps proper attendance, prevents time thefts, and improves payroll accuracy.

Training and Onboarding

Connecteam offers training materials, quizzes, assessments, and other valuable assets for onboarding new employees. By using this software, businesses can teach new joiners about their roles and workflows in the company.

Employee Engagement

Through Connecteam, companies can identify the most hard-working employees and reward them for their success. It also offers surveys and feedback to improve employee satisfaction and to make necessary improvements.

Compliance and Security

All data is perfectly secured and sensitive data is protected. ConnecTeam prioritizes data security and compliance. That's why many businesses use this software for maintaining high levels of data integrity.

Customer Support

Connecteam offers excellent customer support to help you with any software-related issues. Users can also get help from training and onboarding assistance, and blogs. ConnecTeam is also compatible with email and chat support.

ConnecTeam Pricing

ConnecTeam has pricing for Operations, Communications, and HR and skills. Different plans go like this:

  • Small Business Plan: $0
  • Basic Plan: $29/user/month
  • Advanced Plan: $49/user/month
  • Expert Plan: $99/user/month

Connecteam Pricing and Plans
ImageSource: Connecteam

Final Words

Employee Monitoring software is very much needed for managing everything to grow the business. ConnecTeam is such software that needs no introduction. It is a popular alternative to Clockify because ConnecTeam is also used to track the employees and how much time they take on different activities.

As per different reviews, ConnecTeam is easy to use and it is great value for the cost. Its team communication platform is quite effective and helps employees discuss every single detail.

So, the ConnecTeam employee monitoring software is absolutely fantastic. What do you think? Do let us know.


1. What is Connecteam and what does it offer?

Connecteam is a powerful employee monitoring and management software suitable for small to large organizations. It offers robust tools for seamless workflow, especially for managing time, tasks, communication, training, scheduling, and more.

2. Is Connecteam completely free?

No, Connecteam is not completely free. However, it offers a free Small Business plan for $0 per month with limited features. Other premium plans go all the way to $99/month for all features including time tracking, task management, scheduling, and more.

3. What type of software is Connecteam?

Connecteam is an all-in-one business management software, that offers a wide range of features for simplifying day-to-day tasks. It offers drag-and-drop scheduling features, a GPS-enabled time clock, and more.

4. How secure is Connecteam?

Connecteam is powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud. So yes, Connecteam is highly secure and has best-in-class security features.

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