InstaMinutes: Productivity & Time Management Software Features, and Pricing


InstaMinutes Review, Features, Pricing
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InstaMinutes is a unique AI-based tool that summarizes your meetings into short notes with just 1 click. It is generally developed for tech startups that aim to bring up the right people, vital information, and tools together.

It is just not an AI tool, it is your best companion in your important meetings and collaborations. It will automatically take notes from your meetings and other video conferences. This AI tool also offers actionable insights using this trainable AI assistant.

InstaMinutes Features

InstaMinutes is an advanced AI tool that summarizes and uncovers all the essential information from your user interviews, Sales calls, or team meetings. This AI tool takes real-time, important notes along with automatic highlights of the important points that were discussed in the meeting. For more features of InstaMinutes, stay with us on this unique AI journey.

1. Keep Track of Important Talks & Conversations

Not only does Instaminutes convert audio to text, but it also allows you to think, plan, and act on the most important parts of conversations and work without having to read through a lengthy transcript.

2. Powered by an Intelligent Dashboard

Within a minute, it transforms the entire meeting into a meeting intelligence dashboard that allows you to uncover hidden insights from important parts of your conversations.

Instaminutes Realtime transcriptions and key takeaways
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3. Convert Meetings to Expressive Workflows

Share important parts of conversations with your team, such as Q&A, tasks, and feature requests from users, via Slack, email, or one of the 50+ integrations we have to make your work life easier.

4. Train AI Assistant Just Like Alexa

The basic version of this app automatically takes important notes from the meetings and recordings. But it has a very promising feature that makes this tool even more unique than other AI Assistants. By selecting the important points of live notes, we can train our AI assistant to take key points themselves just like you do.

5. Certified Security and Privacy

Modern encryption technology (like AES 256 Encryption) is used to store your recordings and meeting notes on the cloud. InstaMinutes is also AWS Certified and offers SSL Encryption. Simply, it means that no one can read or listen to your meetings, recordings, or transcripts, not even the workers of InstaMinutes itself. Only you have access to it.

Listen to meeting summaries on the go and search through conversions with smart filters
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6. Lots of Popular Integrations Available

Now we know that it is a game changer for all types of organizations and their collaboration teams. Now you don't need to worry about anything, simply turn on the app and just start focusing on your meetings. InstaMinutes will handle it all by itself. To take care of everything under control, InstaMinutes offers integration with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams along with integration with 50 other popular collaboration tools.

7. Share Your Keys Notes Easily Via Email/Slack

Finally, InstaMinutes lets you record meetings or video calls, analyze the transcripts, and represent the key points of the conversation by taking notes. You can save the script and even the key points of your meetings which you can later share with your colleagues through Email or Slack. It simply recaps your key takeaways from your meeting & shares them with others using Email, Slack, etc.

Add InstaMinutes Chrome Extension

Integrate Google Calendar with InstaMinutes AI Assistant

Upload Audio from InstaMinutes dashboard and let AI Assistant take short notes

Plans & features

  • Record meetings for Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, and more
  • Check
  • Chrome extension
  • Check
  • Real-time notes
  • Check
  • Meeting summary notes
  • Check
  • Meeting analytics
  • Check
  • Decisions list
  • Check
  • Speaker identification
  • Check
  • Slack, Trello, and CRM integrations

【Free / $0】

✅ Record Zoom, GMeet, Teams, and other meeting & collaboration tools

✅ Real-Time Transcription

✅ Summary Notes

✅ 900 minutes of notes/month

【Premium / $10 per month】

✅ Conversation Intelligence

✅ Slack Integration

✅ Speaker Identification

✅ 3600 minutes of notes/minute

【Small Teams / $18 per month】

✅ Trello, CRM integrations

✅ Priority Support

✅ Team productivity Analytics

✅ 5400 mins of notes/ month/user (Min 5 users)

【Enterprise / Custom Pricing (Contact Sales)】


✅ Dedicated Company Domain

✅ Dedicated Account Manager

✅ All limits as per your choice

InstaMinutes Pricing and Plans

Conclusion: InstaMinutes Review, Features, and Pricing

As per 2019 stats, only the U.S. has over 157.3 million people employed and this number is expected to increase up to 2 million more employed people in 2023. There are millions of meetings happening in various companies every month and most of the employees are unhappy by taking notes. But this AI Tool is revolutionary and can help those desperate people around the world by providing 1-click audio to a transcript and then transcript to short important note takeaways.

The InstaMinutes AI tool does the magic that was much awaited by many people in different companies around the world. This AI tool helps users to record meetings, and calls and automatically take short notes without taking much time. This is fantastic, right? What do you think about this AI meeting summarizing tool? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


1. What is InstaMinutes?

InstaMinutes is a powerful time management app for scheduling meetings, managing time, and improving overall productivity.

2. How does InstaMinutes work?

InstaMinutes allows users to assign tasks, set priorities, assign time blocks, track progress, adjust schedules, and receive reminders so that employees can stay on track with planned tasks.

3. Can I integrate InstaMinutes with my existing calendar apps?

Yes, you can easily integrate InstaMinutes with the leading calendar applications to sync your data from one app to InstaMinutes.

4. Is InstaMinutes available on multiple platforms?

Yes, InstaMinutes is available for Web, iOS, and Android devices for seamless access schedules from different devices and locations.

5. Is my data secure with InstaMinutes?

Yes, InstaMinutes takes full responsibility for data security and privacy seriously. It provides data encryption and follows the best rules for securing your personal and organizational data.

6. Is InstaMinutes Free?

InstaMinutes is a freemium software that initially offers you a free trial, but after a 30-day free trial, you need to subscribe to its Pro, Intelligence, Business, or Enterprise plan.