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Best bookmark manager extension in Chrome

Internet browsers have continually advanced throughout the long term and content is being saved to the web on a huge scale. How might you deal with such an enormous inflow of information without the appropriate intent to arrange your number one website pages out of them?

Managing bookmarks in Chrome was a thing since the middle age past, over a couple of hundreds of years prior and they're currently essential even in the age of the Internet. What has made them so crucial is the straightforwardness that they add to our treatment of information on the web. With combinations of all significant internet browsers. Bookmarks have advanced with the fast changes to the Internet.

While just internet browser augmentations should do the trick in this undertaking, the greater part of them misses the mark with regards to getting sorted out these bookmarks productively. That is the reason are presenting to you the rundown of the 16 best bookmark extensions that you should use to save and coordinate connections in 2023.

There are browser bookmark managers that go past the program augmentations to furnish clients with a proficient method of taking care of their bookmarked pages. Here we will cover the 13 best bookmark directors that you will at any point need.

Startab.io - Excellent Bookmark, Tab & Task Manager for Chrome

Startab.io - Excellent Bookmark, Tab & Task Manager for Chrome

Startab is one of the few bookmark managers in Chrome that also offers the capabilities to manage opened tabs and ongoing tasks along with organizing bookmarks. When you install this Chrome extension in your browser, you first find it very unique and easy to understand, all because of its outstanding user interface.

Startab Key Features:

  • Add & manage unlimited bookmarks
  • Manage time with Google Calendar, Pomodoro Timer, Todo List, and a Clock
  • Customize the homepage with different in-built widgets including changing the background image, dark mode, light mode, searching the web, etc.
  • Instantly save 50+ opened tabs in just two clicks
  • Easily sync data between different devices and accounts
  • 100% data protection even if you switch to other managers

Startab Widgets Settings

When you install the Startab extension from Chrome Web Store, first it will show you a step-by-step walkthrough of all the features. You can enable and disable tools based on your needs.

Manage tabs in Startab

Startab has a unique and useful feature. Imagine you now use 3 windows and 50+ tabs. Click on the Startab popup from any page and save windows on your new tab with 1 click.

Manage windows and tabs in Startab

Using Startab, you don't need to waste your time searching for the web pages you use the most and the windows you saved. Startab automatically shows your “Other bookmarks” on the new tab, with an icon and the name of the web page.

Remove any bookmark in Startab

To remove a bookmark from Startab, simply right-click on its icon and click on Delete. It will instantly delete the bookmark. You can also edit, move, copy the link, and open the link in a new tab.

When users open the Chrome browser, Startab automatically shows all the enabled widgets. One of them is 10 upcoming Google Calendar events.

Additionally, Startab offers a separate space for setting personal tasks with checkboxes where users can add tasks. The only disadvantage of the Startab's task manager feature I've seen is that it automatically removes the task when I tick (✔) the checkbox. Overall, Startab is perfect, and I utterly believe that the developer team will solve this issue as well.

You can download the Startab bookmark manager from here.

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Pinalist - All-in-one Professional Bookmark Manager

Pinalist - All-in-one Professional Bookmark Manager
Source: Pinalist

Whenever you look for a clean and simple-to-use bookmark manager, we always though the best. But among all, Pinalist comes first in our mind.

Pinalist is an all-in-one best bookmark manager in 2023 with functionalities like managing bookmarks, creating bookmarks, and searching & sorting bookmarks of the URL you love. At a first glance, Pinalist has a very modern look that will redesign your way of storing bookmarks on your Chrome web browser in a new way. The bookmark creator and bookmark manager are fully efficient without any major complications.

Sometimes, when we use any other software like this, we find it hard to understand which icon stands for what. But in the case of Pinalist, everything is a piece of cake and you'll find it very easy to navigate through the web extension. With this Chrome bookmark organizer, you can also leave some notes along with the URL of the web pages you like. Plus, organizing bookmarks, searching or filtering out bookmarks, pinning your favorite bookmarks, and even sharing bookmarks with your co-workers or others is like you're teaching addition sums to an 8th-grade student. It is really that easy. Importing bookmarks from other sources and exporting them is also possible with the Pinalist Chrome extension. So, next time you search for the best bookmark manager, don't forget to use Pinalist. It is available for Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox web browsers.

Bookmark Ninja - Affordable & Cool Bookmark Organizer

Bookmark Ninja with clean and affordable bookmark manager

Bookmark Ninja is outstanding among other bookmark organizers that you can get today. This is full of features bookmark manager which is intended to influence clients who need to deal with an enormous number of bookmarks. True to form from an online bookmark manager, Bookmark Ninja permits you to get to your bookmarks from any gadget that you are using. Every one of your bookmarks is private by default with optional sharing. Another beneficial thing is that it permits you to effectively import bookmarks from different services.

Elink.io - Best Pocket & Raindrop.io Alternative

elink.io is a free new-age ios, android bookmark manager that is action-packed with features! Elink's superpower is that it not only lets you save bookmarks but also helps you create newsletters and content pages for websites from your saved links. Intrigued to know more about elink? Read on! 

With elink, you can easily save content from all across the internet - from article links to social media posts and much more! The icing on the cake? When you save content using this Chrome extension, you can choose a picture to visually represent that content or take a screenshot.

You can create unlimited folders and sub-folders to organize your saved links, and you even get the option to save them via tags in a secure browser extension. Not to mention, you can personalize the content you save on elink by adding your own title, notes, descriptions, and images. How cool is that! 

Moreover, the Elink bookmark manager extension has a smart search feature that lets you search your saved content in an easy-peasy manner. The bookmark extension bar search feature is such useful and easy to use that you literally search for your required bookmarks by typing keywords in the title, website name, etc. It’s extremely convenient, and you can take our word for it. 

Here comes the best part: you can effortlessly bundle the bookmarks that you've saved and share them as sleek-looking newsletters, webpages, or social bio links.  Simply search, filter, and select bookmarks that you want to create content from. By taking help from Elink, it will really automatically create posts of your choice in a few minutes although this is a paid feature.

That's not it! Using Elink's automation feature, you can easily create content without having to do anything by yourself. Everything you can do is bring together different resources from your loved bookmark manager, and Elink will automatically create and post your content. The future is truly here! 

Psyched to use Elink now? Of course, you are! With so many features at your disposal, what’s not to like?


Bookmarkit bookmark manager for chrome

BookmarkMe – A great tool for organizing your life better. It is an all-in-one bookmark manager that helps you organize your favorite web pages you see on the internet. You can’t just save bookmarks, but you can upload and save images on the same app. The use of this bookmark Chrome extension is so simple that if you simply visit a website, and want to visit again in the future, you open the Bookmarkme app and save the web page. You can also create tags for those websites. The key features of this software are:

Tagging: Create different tags to open your favorite web pages and related content more quickly.

Invites & Collaboration: Bookmarkme allows you to easily share collections of bookmarks with your friends or colleagues.

Reminders: Users can set reminders to remind them to read their saved bookmarks. This feature is very useful for students especially to read online notes at a particular time.

Save Photos along with Bookmarks: Not just bookmarks of your needed websites, making it multi-purpose software, Bookmarkme allows you to upload and save images.

Advanced Search: If you are looking for the best bookmark manager, then it must have a fully-functional & quick search feature. This app offers an advanced search algorithm to find your saved bookmark, not at the speed of light but it searches Titles, descriptions, and tags. That’s why Bookmarkme is one of the best bookmark managers you must use.

Large Previews: Unlike other ancient bookmarking software, Bookmarkme offers large web page previews that help you recognize the content you are looking for more easily.

Import Open Tabs: If you’re that type of person who has 100s of opened tabs across multiple windows, Bookmarkme lets you save those web pages into new collections, allowing you to pick up where you’ve left off at a later date, even on a different computer. Amazing right! That’s Bookmarkme for you.

Add Notes: Adding notes with each and every bookmark you create is another useful feature of Bookmarkme. One amazing benefit of adding notes is also that you can easily search for your notes within seconds using the advanced search of the app.

Password Protection: Your data is not protected until your password protects it. That’s why Bookmarkme lets you protect your bookmarks, and uploaded images using a password. You can also password-protect your collections in the app.

WebCull (New Generation, Free Bookmark Manager)

Webcull is an advanced ad-free, cost-free bookmark manager for chrome, firefox and opera web browsers

Webcull is one of the most powerful bookmark managers you can have for free. If you are the type of person who likes privacy as well as an ad-free interface, Webcull can be your best companion.

It has a very easy-to-use interface so that you can easily store different important websites in different folders. It features a special way of organizing your bookmarks which is by stacking each and every folder using the software. You can organize your bookmarks into unlimited stacks. In case, you have a bad experience with other bookmark managers, try Webcull if you want to save different websites in separate parallel stack-based folders.

The Chrome Bookmark Organizer is accessible from different devices like mobile phones, tablets, and PC of course which makes this an amazing online bookmark extension. If you download this amazing bookmark manager on both PC and mobile, you just need to log in with your same account and the software will automatically sync your PC data from mobile and vice-versa. Webcull offers its users a search-content feature through which users can easily search for any link to open. Webcull is so advanced that it assures users' privacy. They claim to never sell, share or trade your bookmarks or any information. The software is fully encrypted with multi-layer encryption and stringent security protocols. Users can also use this bookmarking software without any worry because you won’t see any ads or marketing emails on it.

If we look at Webcull’s overall features, it is a powerful, multi-functional, and secure bookmark-organizing software you can use on your system.

Users can find Webcull Bookmark Manager browser extensions on Chrome, Firefox as well as Opera web browsers. Check out the link to download it for free.

Pau Bookmark Manager - Simple-To-Use, Customizable Bookmark Manager

Pau Bookmark Manager - A very powerful and simple-to-use and easily customizable free bookmark manager for Chrome

Pau Bookmark Manager is what you need right now for saving and organizing your bookmarks online. It is one of the simplest-to-use bookmark managers with an easy-to-use user interface (UI). This bookmark organizer is also very customizable. Whenever you open Pau Bookmark Manager on your web browser like Chrome web browser, you’ll see different saved bookmarks on your screen.

All the bookmarks are saved in two layout formats: Card View and ListView. List view is a simple layout with vertical columns with the link you saved in the collection. But inside the Card View layout, you’ll be able to see all the collections as cards with their title on top and the links below the title as a list. The first time, when I see the homepage of this bookmark, it was mostly seen as similar to note-taking apps unless you click on one of the URLs there.

Getting started on this amazing bookmark manager is very simple. Click on Create New Collection -> Enter Your Collection Name -> then click Add Bookmark -> Enter Bookmark name -> Enter the URL of the web page you’re saving bookmark of -> finally click Done.

Pau Bookmark manager also supports sharing feature to easily share important bookmarks with your colleagues and employees. We are not saying Pau is the best bookmark manager but it is not lesser than the best. Whenever it needs some improvement, the best team provides that improvement as fast as they can. The support team is as great as this Chrome bookmark manager extension.

As we have mentioned earlier, this Chrome extension is fully customizable. That’s why we can also see multiple amazing customizable themes for your bookmark manager. It supports different dark mode and light mode themes such as Bento theme, Patrama, Patrama Dark, Lawson, Cuna theme, and Nova theme.

Each and every theme they provide with the bookmark manager makes the interface looks more awesome when we installed it. Last but not the least, Pau Bookmark Manager features an excellent, fast processing Search feature that is capable of searching for any bookmark from hundreds of saved bookmarks in your Pau Bookmark Manager.

Download Pau Bookmark Manager for Chrome here.

Lasso – Best bookmark manager for teams

Lasso is a cloud-based, secure bookmark manager that catches and sorts out your content in a spotless and simple-to-use dashboard. With Lasso, you're ready to store things secretly for individual use or offer organizers openly with other colleagues.

Frequently viewed as "the easiest and most remarkable approach to the clergyman and offer content," Lasso is the ideal tool to work together over assets with colleagues or team members.

With Lasso's Chrome Extension, you're ready to picture your content from Grid, Map, Link, or Comparable Views. Likewise, it additionally incorporates Slack to smooth out effective communication about subjects or sources.


Raindrop.io is my #1 bookmark manager and I likewise believe it to be at the highest point of the best bookmark organizer records. The application isn't just incredible but on the other hand, it's the most excellent-looking bookmark supervisor you will at any point use. Not just that, Raindrop.io shows every one of your imported bookmarks in a perfect rundown yet it additionally permits you to see them in feature design, card design, and my number one disposition board design. The card and mood board designs are awesome the two of them make it simple to discover the things that you are searching for.

Pocket – Best bookmark tool for reading later

Pocket – Best bookmark tool for reading later

At any point coincidentally find an article that looks truly interesting to read? Assuming this is the case, have you at any point been clashed to bookmark the article and hazard it becoming mixed up in the chaos of your different bookmarks? Sounds like Pocket Bookmark Organizer may be the right apparatus for you then, at that point. 

Pocket is a bookmark manager for Chrome that rapidly saves and suggests the web's most fascinating stories.

Pocket is accessible as an application or web augmentation on every single significant stage (iPad, Smartphone, Google Chrome, Safari, Kindle Fire, and so on) It is additionally incorporated with more than 1,500 applications including Twitter, Flipboard, and Zite. But it costs free with the option of a premium upgrade for $4.99 per month or $44.99 per year.


Pinboard bookmarklet manager for later reading

Pinboard Bookmarklet is probably the most established bookmark manager around and it has consistently grown out of the opposition. It's a straightforward bookmarking manager, and might better bookmark organizer than  Chrome's in-built bookmark manager where you can bookmark anything and from any program in only a single tick with the help of organizers and labels. If you have utilized delicious from more seasoned days, you will feel comfortable on Pinboard. The selling point of the Pinboard bookmark tool is close to its services on all platforms, with no advertisements, and security insurance. On the security front, Pinboard claims that it doesn't have any outsiders following SDKs and furthermore, the organization doesn't serve advertisements of any sort.

GGather – Bookmark manager with the most options

GGather – Bookmark manager with the most options

Another stunning bookmark manager is GGather.

GGather online bookmark manager's smooth dashboard offers a staggering line of features, including unmistakable view modes, search-accommodating labels, and explained insights regarding your bookmarks.

GGather is potentially the broadest bookmark manager tool for chrome on this rundown. With GGather, you have the choice to save/access your saved pages through a Chrome Extension, web application, URL, bookmarklet, and soon through iOS and Android.

Maybe the best component of this bookmark tool is its name and rating scale. GGather permits you to name your bookmarks and rank anything but the size of 1-5. This permits clients to channel through their sources dependent on the level of priority or importance.


Diigo adaptable and incredible bookmark manager application

Diigo is an adaptable and incredible bookmark manager application for chrome that offers clients a ton of tools to be associated with their services. One of the vital components of Diigo is its capacity to add comments to your Bookmarks. Utilizing one of their web browser extensions permits the clients to feature applicable content by utilizing the 'Annote' option from the Diigo bookmarklet. Diigo likewise permits clients to save the page to read it later or take a screenshot of the website page. The best thing about the 'Read Later' feature is that it saves the site page to the document, so no additional loss of pages to broken connections.

Web Highlights - Best New Bookmark & Highlighting Extension

Web Highlights Chrome Extension Review

Web Highlights is a comparably very new bookmark manager. It also allows users to create searchable texts across the web. Suppose you visit any TechHarry article and suddenly you want to save some text or paragraph there. In that time, Web Highlights can easily help you to save all your text to re-find that whenever you want. You can also save different web pages into different directories. This latest yet powerful Chrome extension helps you organize your stuff into one searchable place. Though Web Highlights offers up to 50 bookmarks and text highlights you can increase this number with a one-time payment of $9.99.

The Web Highlights is accessible on both computers and smartphones. It is one of the best Chrome extensions for students to collect their personal notes or add different tags to their notes. This amazing Chrome extension offers users to highlight texts on websites using their favorite color, add tags to their highlights & bookmarks, and access tags from their mobile and computer. When you create a bookmark or highlight & save some text on websites using the Web Highlights extension, it automatically saves the data to their official webpage. The important part of this extension is that the extension is very affordable and the team behind this web extension is quite creative and always brings updates to improve the extension so that the users can fully enjoy it.

Dropmark – Best bookmarking tool for photos and media

Dropmark is apparently, quite possibly, the most outwardly engaging bookmark-managing tool out there. Clients can relocate their records into the dashboard and outwardly see through a source's highlighted picture. Dropmark permits clients to sort out photographs, recordings, audio clips, and even gifs in unmistakable folder categories.

One of the bookmark tool's coolest features is the slideshow view. All Dropmark collections can be displayed in a fullscreen movement – ideal for introductions.


This isn't your ordinary bookmark manager. Refind is a special, invite-only pinboard that clients need to join a waitlist for.

At the point when you become a member of Refind, 50 applicable links are picked for you based on things that you follow. As a user, you're ready to figure out these sources and bookmark things that you find most interesting. Basically, it does the searching for you. Pretty awesome, right?


1. How to easily manage Chrome bookmarks?

The Bookmark Manager window is divided into two main sections: folders for organizing bookmarks on the left and the bookmarks themselves on the right.

You can add new folders to the section on the left by following these steps:

  • Click the Organize button (see the figure).
  • The Organize button is located directly above the folder list.
  • A menu of options appears.
  • Click Add Folder.
  • A new folder is added to your folder list.
  • Type in the desired name for your folder and press Enter.
  • Your new folder will be saved in the Bookmark Manager.
  • On the right side of your Bookmark Manager window is the bookmark folder contents pane. In this pane, you’ll see bookmarks and sub-folders. You can organize your bookmarks in this pane by dragging the bookmarks to any position you wish. If you want to add a bookmark to one of the folders in the left pane, just click and drag the bookmark to the desired folder.

2. Which is the best offline bookmark manager for chrome?

3. How do I get to Chrome Bookmark Manager?

  • Click the hamburger (three lines) menu in the top right-hand corner and choose Bookmarks > Bookmark manager.
  • Select a folder on the left-hand side, and then click the Organize menu at the top. Select Reorder by title.
  • Right-click entries on the right to Edit or Delete. You can change the name of the bookmark to help differentiate it from another or fix the folder/file names.

4. Why can't I see my bookmarks on Google Chrome?

Sometimes, accidentally you disable the bookmark bar on Google Chrome. But you don't need to worry about this. You can anytime access the bookmark bar on the Google Chrome browser. For this you need to go through the Settings>Always show Bookmark bar and in the Bookmark bar drag and drop the bookmark as you like to see them. But if you want to see the URLs then you have to open the bookmark.

5. How do I restore my bookmarks bak in Chrome?

To restore the backup (again, make sure all Chrome browser windows are closed), take these steps:

  • Rename your current Bookmarks file to something like Bookmarks.old. This just preserves a copy of the current bookmarks file in case you need it.
  • Rename your Bookmarks.bak file to just Bookmarks (removing the .bak extension). This makes Chrome load the backup file when you open it.
  • Open Chrome, and see if you’ve managed to restore the missing bookmark.


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