WebCull Chrome Bookmark Manager - Is it Worth it in 2023?


WebCull Bookmark Manager features and pricing

Earlier we listed the best bookmark managers for the Chrome web browser in this article. There, we have listed a very unique and modern UI-based software WEBCULL. It is overall one of the best bookmark managers in 2022. But after the review, tell us in the comments whether others should install it or not.

The TechHarry team has reviewed this software meticulously so that our users can also save as many URLs as they want in this software. So, let's review WebCull in front of you and tell you why you should use it at least once.

WebCull - Ad-Free and Privacy-Focused Bookmark Manager Review

WebCull is an advanced bookmark manager which looks quite minimal at first look. But when you start saving your essential web pages on it, you find that it is quite easy to use and has a very powerful stack system working behind it. Using WebCull allows you to save bookmarks you can independently save any web page. There are other features available in this fantastic software, so let's see each and every feature one by one.

1. Organize Bookmarks in Stacks

Exmaple of Organizing Bookmarks in Stacks

A stacking system is none other than different folders inside a folder on your computer. WebCull Chrome extension also offers its users to organize bookmarks in stack folders. As we can see in the above image we have created a main folder named "Profiles" and there are sub-folders as Facebook, Instagram, and Blog. Each sub-folder has the main bookmark. In this manner, you can name your bookmarks and create multiple folders into a stack.

2. Accessible from PC, Tablets, and Smartphones

Access WebCull on PC, Tablet and Mobile Phones
Image Source: WebCull

A very important advantage of WebCull is that it offers syncing features between multiple operating systems across different devices. For example, if you have bookmarked a web page on your computer, you can easily sync that bookmark on your smartphone too with the help of the WebCull synchronize feature. You just need to log in to the same account you use on your PC, and it will automatically show different bookmarks on your smartphone.

3. Search Your Bookmarks within the Content of your Links

Search within your content on WebCull
Image Source: WebCull

Searching for bookmarks can be very helpful if you have lots of various bookmarks saved. This feature can be accessed when you move the icon at the top of the screen. There on the top-left side, there will be a search bar with the name "Search all". Just click on it and search for the bookmark you want to open. This is a very useful method if you don't want to waste any time looking for each and every stack.

4. Easily Share Your Stacks as Collection

Easily share your collection of stacks with encrypted files
Image Source: WebCull

WebCull offers a very unique feature that literally not much bookmarking software provides. This feature is called "Share Stacks as Collections". Using this feature, you can create a unique URL for your stack and provide a password so that only the person, you have shared this link with, can access your bookmark stack collection.

5. Customizable User Interface

WebCull offers customizable user interface

Customizing your own profile is as important as creating a new profile on WebCull. Sometimes, people don't like light-colored interfaces and oppose them, and some people don't like dark UI. For the perfect solution for this, WebCull has offered us a UI customization feature where you can change your UI to dark, light, and dim. As well as you can change the brightness of the screen, change the stack brightness, and can also change the color combinations of your WebCull profile.

6. Multiple Accounts can be Accessed

Users can create create multiple accounts on WebCull with new Email addresses

As you know, if you want to save your bookmarks on your computer more advanced, then the first step to go forward is to create a new profile using a Username, Email, and Password. After signing up on WebCull online bookmark manager, you need to log in then you'll be redirected to your new WebCull profile. In this way, you are allowed to create multiple WebCull profiles but with different usernames, and Email addresses.

7. Import and Export Bookmarks

WebCull offers separate import and export features in the Settings

Importing bookmarks and exporting bookmarks is a great feature in case you save your bookmarks into another profile. Importing bookmarks means you can collect bookmarks, which are saved somewhere else, into your WebCull profile. Exporting a bookmark means you can send the stack of collections of different bookmarks to another WebCull profile in just a few steps. To import/export a bookmark collection, just click on the Settings (gear icon) button on top of the window, then click on Import or Export button. If you clicked on the Import button it will ask you to import the file which should be available on your computer. And if you clicked on Export, it will offer you HTML, and a CSV file to export the bookmarks directly to your computer.

8. Concerned about Privacy & Security

Every time we install new software or application into our system, we try to ensure that it should be safe and secure so that our important files and folders can't get stolen. Concerning this, WebCull ensures our data's privacy & security by protecting it with multi-layered encryption and stringent security protocols. WebCull also supports No-ads, No-Tracking, and No-Marketing Emails which means when you use this amazing bookmark organizer you won't get disturbed by any nonsense ads or something like that.

9. Available on Other Web Browsers

Supports Chrome, Opera and Firefox web browsers

Finally, we have seen a lot of amazing features of WebCull. With these amazing features, we can say WebCull is great bookmark-managing software with all the features we need. Additionally, another great merit of preferring WebCull is that it supports multiple web browsers. We can see that not many bookmark manager software supports web browsers other than Google Chrome. But WebCull supports full features with Chrome Web Browser, Mozilla Firefox as well as Opera Web Browser. This helps users to import/export bookmark collections on different web browsers very easily.

How to add extensions to Chrome?

Adding or installing an extension to your Chrome browser is very simple.

1. Open the Chrome browser -> Visit chrome.google.com/webstore -> Search for your required Chrome extension -> Click on the "Add to Chrome" button -> Installation will be started.

How to remove the Chrome extension from Chrome?

The steps to remove a Chrome extension are as follows:

1. Open the Chrome browser -> Click on the Puzzle icon in the top-right corner of the window along with your profile picture -> Move the cursor to the extension you want to remove -> Click on the three dots menu right next to the extension -> Click on the "Remove from Chrome" button -> Confirm to remove it if asked.

Conclusion: Is it worth getting WebCull?

Now, you have seen that WebCull offers its users lots of useful features. The software is lightweight, fast, and minimal, and it offers its users to create stacks of collections of bookmarks. For example, you can save different profile URLs like Facebook, Instagram, etc. into the main folder Profiles. It can be shown as:

Profiles -> 1. Facebook -> URL

                    2. Instagram -> URL

Plus, it also offers you to search across different collections and shows you the output quickly. So, if you're a student or employee, and want to save multiple URLs of important web pages or notes, then WebCull can be your favorite companion on your web browser.
In my opinion, WebCull is next-level bookmark software. There is much other bookmarking software too, but some need huge memory, and some lack features. WebCull is the only bookmark manager which is small in size and offers every single feature you need.