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TechHarry AI Writing Assistant Review, Features and Pricing

Scalenut is a content research and writing tool driven by artificial intelligence (AI) for unique, high-ranking long and short-form stuff.

It combines next-generation technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) with seamless content production processes to help you generate content that beats the competition. It allows you to increase your content's readability, efficacy, and total yield.

Scalenut is a one-stop SaaS solution for content producers, marketing teams, agencies, and organizations of all levels and specialties. It is adaptable to a wide range of content requirements.

Put another way, we're always on the lookout for a technology that can accomplish everything without breaking the bank. However, you must hunt for a content tool that is dependable, simple to use, user-friendly, perform the work, and produces the desired outcomes. Because, as long as you get a return on your investment, the cost is no longer an issue.

Only Scalenut, Outwrite, and some others are capable of providing you with the results you deserve. So, let's take a look at how Scalenut's next-generation Content Tool may help you.

Introduction Video of Scalenut

What Actually is Scalenut?

Scalenut is an AI content-writing tool that will support you in growing your business by providing original content for your website. It provides both a basic and an ascendable approach for bringing forward material.

What is Scalenut and How can it help writers and authors

This will assist you in meeting your business objectives in a timely manner. With Scalenut, you'll have access to a number of tools that will help you reach your objective of ranking higher in search engines.

You may find highly skilled creators as well as AI content writing templates on Scalenut to help you overcome the competition in your industry. Scalenut will assist you in creating more than simply blogs, but a specific engaging topic that will help you increase website traffic.

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How does Scalenut Work?

Scalenut is an excellent AI-writing assistant that works great for every type of content, even if it is long-form articles or short copywriting.

You need to first sign up with your personal and business details including your name, company name, website, email address, and contact. As usual, Scalenut also offers instant sign-up with zero hassle.

After signing up to Scalenut, you have two options: 1. SEO-friendly long-form writing and 2. Short-form copywriting. 

SEO-friendly long-form writing is the fastest way to create long articles within a particular period. If you are tight on time but need a full article with more than 2,000 words Scalenut's long-form SEO-friendly writing tool will help you achieve your goal in a very short time.

On the other hand, Short-form copywriting is mainly for advertisers or digital marketers who don't need any large paragraphs to write but are in need of short and simple content for their advertisements. This short-form copywriting tool is also very useful for college students who need an AI writing tool to make good grades in their essays.

Scalenut AI Writing Tools

After selecting one of these tools, you can quickly begin generating AI-recommended short-form content. Selecting AI Copywriter will take you to this screen, where you can select from a variety of templates to use.

These have their own set of features that are designed to assist you in creating different types of content based on your needs. You can work on a variety of themes and templates, including blog ideas, Video Script Outlining, email subject lines, and more! You name anything, and we've got it covered.

Research and create high ranking blogs with AI powered SEO assistant

With the other choice, you'll see Saclenut's AI-Powered SEO Assistant, which allows you to check for the keywords you choose and obtain completely all reports from all over the world. You may generate fantastic content by leveraging these tools to their full potential. You can tell which keywords are suitable for your content on the site by looking at the red and green signs.

Scalenut provides a simple yet effective configuration. With this, you can not only write better content but also plan your material with more clarity. You'll get AI reports, insights from the top 30 results, H tags with relevant phrases, and questions from Quora and Reddit, among other things.

The AI copywriter also provides you with fantastic original content ideas. This includes a wide range of information. Blogs, email headers, ad copy, social postings, and a variety of other content types are examples.

Scalenut Features

Now, you would have known that Scalenut is a wonderful AI writing and copywriting assistant that helps organizations and individuals create wonderful articles and content. That's why we have brought here the key features of Scalenut that can convince you to use it at least once. So, let's get started.

Scalenut Cruise Mode

Cruise Mode: Guided Workflow to Complete Articles in 5 Minutes

Prepare to be in the driver's seat when it comes to creating exceptionally significant content by integrating content briefs and automatic NLP key phrases into the process.

Focus Writing: Aggregate Everything in One Master Board

Scalenut provides you with a blank canvas on which you can freely express your thoughts while their AI technologies help you through the process.

Thorough Search: Create SEO-focused Content

Scalenut offers full-featured content reports (powered by industry-leading NLP) based on your single chosen keyword, ensuring that you get the best SEO formula every time.

Versatile Writing: Get Unlimited Ideas

At the click of a button, you can get endless content ideas for blogs, product descriptions, ad material, email headers, blog intros, and more.

Scalenut Grading and WordCount system

SEO-Friendly Content

In SEO Hub, you can get real-time feedback on the quality of your content. It tells you how many NLP terms you've used (and how many you haven't), as well as the readability score and word count.

SEO Assistant Scalenut

Human Touch: Top Professionals at Your Service

Professional Creators with experience writing in your industry are available at Scalenut. If you require assistance, a Scalenut Expert is available. It simply means, in case you are stuck somewhere with ranking your articles or blogs, Scalenut professionals can help you rank at the best position your blog/article can get.

Who can Use Scalenut AI Writing Assistant Software

Scalenut is Most Suitable For?

Scalenut can be used by anyone, from a novice to a true professional. It is affordable and well worth your money! Not only that, but it also relies on the type of content that is being produced.

In Scalenut, these numerous content categories may be readily developed while maintaining complete efficiency. By driving potential traffic to your website, the material will produce leads for your company.

Scalenut should be used by both professionals and those who are new to the industry to have a better understanding of how SEO-friendly content works and to gradually avoid mistakes. Scalenut is a must-have for anyone who belongs to one of the following groups:


  • Website Content
  • Social Media Content
  • Thought Leadership

Consummate Users:

  • Content Strategists
  • Agencies
  • Content Creators
  • Founders

Scalenut Pros and Cons

As we normally say, every software has some pros and cons. Nothing is perfect in this world. But one thing is sure, technology can be upgraded and made perfect. But for this time, Scalenut has some pros and cons too. So, let's check them out.

Scalenut Pros and Cons

Scalenut Pros

  • The responsive team is available 24/7.
  • Supports a Dedicated and Secure System
  • Efficient, to operate with.
  • It's simple and systematic.
  • High-Quality Service
  • Reasonable & Affordable Pricing

Scalenut Cons

The AI of Scalenut does not provide you with customizable templates as well as a framework.

Scalenut Pricing and Cost

Scalenut offers a number of plans that will allow you to get a wider range of features. You can select a plan that is appropriate for your company and will benefit you in a variety of ways.

Scalenut Pricing


Scalenut also offers a free trial to its users, during which they can not only use the main software but also analyze and use the different tools that Scalenut has to offer. With Scalenut, you can upgrade your chosen plan with a higher growth level. These plans include the following:

Free – ($0):

  • 2 SEO Documents
  • 2,000 Short form AI words
  • 2,000 Long form AI words
  • 40+ AI tools

Individual – ($145):

  • 5 SEO Documents
  • 20,000 Long-form AI words
  • 40+ AI tools
  • Write for me
  • 24×7 live chat support
  • 24×7 email support
  • Unlimited Short form AI words

Growth – ($395):

  • 30 SEO Documents
  • Unlimited Short form AI words
  • 100,000 Long-form AI words
  • 40+ AI tools
  • Write for me
  • 24×7 live chat support
  • 24×7 email support
  • Instruct mode
  • AI Setting
  • Paraphrasing
  • SERP Facts
  • Collaboration
  • Buy additional SaaS credits

Pro – ($745):

  • Unlimited SEO Documents
  • 40+ AI tools
  • Unlimited Long-form AI words
  • Write for me
  • 24×7 live chat support
  • 24×7 email support
  • Instruct mode
  • AI Setting
  • Paraphrasing
  • SERP Facts
  • Collaboration
  • Buy additional SaaS credits
  • 2 users; you can add more at $49/user
  • The dedicated customer success manager
  • Unlimited Short form AI words

Conclusion: Scalenut AI Writing Assistant

Here we are at the conclusion of this Scalenut Review, with all of the information you need before investing in this platform. You have a vast number of features and tools on which to base your business's success!

All you have to do is buy a plan that meets your needs and get started. My recommendation is to obtain access to a free trial of Scalenut so that you can determine the utility of this tool. You can then decide whether to upgrade to a paid plan.

You will undoubtedly see success over time and grow at a rapid pace. Scalenut content assistant features are quite entertaining, making it one of the best content writing tools for producing quality and rankable content. It will not only help you generate traffic, but it will also bring you, potential clients.

Scalenut, on the other hand, does not replace the need for a human writer. Even if you use a tool like Scalenut, you will always need a human writer to proofread or see where the optimizations are needed. As a result, I see this software as a tool for writers rather than a tool to replace writers.

If you are a current Scalenut user, please share your experience or success story in the comments section below.

Scalenut AI Writing Assistant Software Review

Scalenut is a powerful Content Assistant and Content Creation software that allows you to create high-quality content that will rank. This tool's user interface is quite inviting. The app dashboard clearly explains all of the capabilities. What are you waiting for? It's not too late to start using Scalenut.