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Clockify - Best Time Tracking Software

The hybrid workforce has a unique need for software that is accessible both in the office and outside the company, and Clockify is our pick of the best time and attendance systems for jobs. The company has a mixed team (onsite staff and remote workforce). Clockify's cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere, and it is especially useful for businesses that need to track specific projects across different teams and locations. The company offers a powerful free plan that is comparable to many of its competitors' paid plans, as well as competitively priced paid plans. The software includes an unlimited number of users, projects, and reports, as well as a wide variety of applications and integrations. 

What Type of Organizations is Clockify Best For?

Hybrid teams are in the unique position of needing a watch that can keep up with employees from any location, such as in the office, at home, on the road, or at an outside workplace.

Clockify is a cloud-based platform, so users can record their working hours using a web browser or mobile app. If certain settings allow it, employees can even enter their hours manually, which can be beneficial for workers traveling between locations. 

Clockify has GPS tracking, ideal for managers who want to make sure their employees are working in the right locations.

The software can also track time spent on specific tasks and projects - a useful tool for generating expense reports. While some competitors also offer these features, one unique tool we like about Clockify is its employee calendar.

Your team members can clearly see where and when they will be working on specific projects and tasks each day. It's a great way to make sure employees are working in the office or outside when they need it. 

Clockify Pros 

1. Easy To Use: Clockify is popularly known for its ease of use and a very user-friendly interface. Whether you're tracking time or managing tasks, Clockify's interface is there for you.

2. Free Plan: Clockify offers a free plan for you to get started. With its free plan, beginners can track time and projects by unlimited users. This plan is best suited for beginners, small teams, and individuals to fulfill their basic needs.

3. Friendly Time Tracking Options: Clockify features an easy-to-use Chrome extension, which allows users to start and stop timers directly within your workflows, and ensures accurate time allocation to specific projects and tasks.

4. Reporting and Insights: Clockify's flexible interface offers a powerful reporting & analytics system through which you can analyze how time is being spent. This feature is useful for companies who are expecting decent productivity.

5. Project Management Features: Clockify's powerful system also allows users to create and manage projects, assign tasks to each team member, and even track progress beyond time tracking.

6. Integrations: Clockify is one of those time-tracking tools that provides several integrations directly from the interface. Clockify offers 3rd party integrations with lots of popular tools, such as Gmail, Asana, and Google Drive without going out of Clockify's interface.

Clockify Cons

  • Clockify does not include scheduling software.
  • Clockify currently does not have a PTO management feature.

Clockify Usability

Clockify is easy to set up and navigate. Even the free plan has all the basic features you need to track employee time, including the ability to track the time spent on a particular project.

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Because the hybrid workforce often works in multiple locations,  the calendar feature is a way to help users visually track their time, activity, and work location.

Clockify Dashboard
Image Source: Clockify

Dashboards are useful for mobile workers because they are available on computers and mobile devices. Users can easily see the breakdown of their time. This is a feature that was not common in the other software we tested. 

Clockify integrates with over 40 third-party applications through a variety of project management software, customer relationship management software, and pre-built integrations or APIs. This means entering time, projects, and client work time only once and synchronizing with other business software that uses them to streamline the entire time and attendance process. 


Clockify offers a variety of time and attendance features. The tools available depend on the plan you choose. The following are some of the services available with Clockify.

Time Tracking

Clockify provides a variety of valuable time-tracking capabilities. Time tracking allows employees to start and stop time while working, and manually enter time for each day or project.

Employees can also set time tracking to start automatically when the browser is opened and stop when the browser is closed. The enterprise plan has additional access to the forced timer to prevent employees from manually editing the time.

The Clockify dashboard shows managers what employees are working on and allows them to track and report time by project or team. Once the employee submits the time, the manager can approve the time and make changes as needed before submitting the timesheet to the salary.

Clockify Timing Feature

Project Tracking

 One of Clockify's best features is the ability to track the time spent on a particular project. This means employees can accurately track the time spent on each project or task, wherever they are in the office or on-site. This is very useful for customer billing purposes.

Employees can mark their time as "billing" and integrate that data into over 40 apps such as and Salesforce. Alternatively, you can build your own API integration with Zapier to sync your data with over 1,500 apps. 

GPS Tracking

Certain plans also provide the ability to track the location of employees through GPS tracking. This is a great way to make sure your employees are working from their assigned position. GPS tracking is common in time and attendance systems and is very useful for keeping accurate time records and protecting workers.

Reports & Analytics

Clockify Reporting
Image Source: Clockify

Admins have access to various reports that categorize employees' working hours, what they have done, and how much money they have brought to each project or task. Summary, detail, and weekly reports can be filtered and exported. When you run the report, you have the option to view the cost, billable amount, or profit for each group. 


 Clockify's convenient calendar feature allows employees to visually see a  breakdown of the projects and tasks they are working on and where they work on a particular day or week. Hybrid teams often work in multiple locations throughout the week. For example, an employee may spend two days in the office, one day at home, and two days with clients in different locations. Your calendar can give you a breakdown of what the schedule will look like. This feature is rare among the time-tracking software we've tested, and I liked the productivity-enhancing feature.

Clockify Pricing & Plans

Clockify offers five plans, from perpetual free to $ 14.99 per user per month. Most small businesses offer time tracking to an unlimited number of users, so a free plan will feel more than sufficient. However, if you set up a paid plan, you can choose between a monthly fee and an annual fee to access a 7-day free trial. Free product demos are also available. 

Clockify Pricing and Plans

Here are the different plans for Clockify:

Free: The free plan lets you track the time and engagement of an unlimited number of employees and projects. It offers unlimited reporting, as well as API and software integration. 

Basic: The Basic plan costs $3.99 per user per month when billed annually, or $4.99 per user per month when billed monthly. It has everything in the free plan, plus admin features. 

Standard: The Standard plan costs $5.49 per user per month when billed annually or $6.99 per user per month when billed monthly. It has everything in the basic plan, invoicing, and timesheet features. 

Pro:  Pro plan costs $7.99 per user per month when billed annually, or $9.99 per user per month when billed monthly. It has everything in the Standard plan, plus productivity and profitability features. 

Enterprise: The Enterprise plan costs $11.99 per user per month when billed annually, or $14.99 per user per month when billed monthly. It has everything in the Pro plan, plus control and security features. 

Clockify is easily upgradeable and you can even cancel your premium plan at any time without losing data. If you decide you no longer need the advanced features offered by the paid plan, you can downgrade to the free version and all your data will still be available. Clockify is one of the only time and attendance solutions we've reviewed that offers a completely free plan.

Clockify Setup

 You can start using Clockify by creating a free account. You'll get access to a seven-day free trial, after which you can choose to upgrade to the free version or upgrade to a paid plan. Clockify offers an introductory checklist that helps users get set up in no time. You can configure your profile settings, create projects and tasks, configure workspace settings, configure and assign teams and members, and configure hourly rates. 

 Your team can easily download the Clockify time tracker via web browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Edge), desktop apps (Mac, Windows, Linux), or mobile apps (iOS, Android). Each user will have access to a personalized dashboard, where they can see things like billable versus non-billable time and the projects they're working on. 

Customer Service

 Clockify offers online resources including tutorials, status updates, and a Help Center with articles, forums, and frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you need live support, you can reach a representative by phone, ticketing, email, and web chat. The representatives were very knowledgeable and easy to approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clockify used for?

Clockify is a time-tracking and timesheet application that allows you to track hours worked on all projects.

Can Clockify track what you are doing?

Clockify has automatic tracking to let you know how much time you spend on apps and websites, but all data is local to your computer and can only be viewed by you. (admin can't access the data).

What is included in Clockify free?

  • Unlimited tracking
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
  • Reports
  • Apps and time-tracking integrations (excluding QuickBooks)
  • Support
  • API

Does Clockify record your screen?

Clockify does not take screenshots by default. However, if your workspace is on a Pro or Enterprise subscription, your admin can enable screenshots in the workspace settings. Screenshots can only be taken if a screenshot recording application is installed and running (Windows/Mac).

Is Clockify easy to use?

Clockify has a clean user interface that feels fun to use. I split my work hours between a number of internal and external projects, both billable and non-billable projects. Each project/client can be assigned a different hourly rate.

Does Clockify have idle detection?

During time tracking, the Clockify browser extension can detect when you're not using your computer so you don't accidentally record it.

Is there a Clockify desktop app?

The Clockify Desktop app for Windows is a native Windows 10 app that lets you keep track of the time right from your desktop, without having to open Clockify in your browser.

Does Clockify work offline?

Tracking desktop activities is possible even if you're offline. You can also perform other actions like start/stop timer manually or input new entries and when you're online again, it will automatically sync new entries.

How Does Clockify Work?

A time-tracking tool called Clockify assists teams and individuals in keeping track of the time they spend on assignments and projects. This is how it goes:

1.     Create a new account: You must register for an account in order to use Clockify. Depending on your needs, you can join up for either a free plan or a premium one.

2.     Create tasks and projects: After logging in, you can create tasks and projects for which you wish to keep track of your time. Tasks represent the smaller, various components of a project, whereas projects represent broader undertakings.

3.     Start keeping track of your time by choosing the task or project you wish to work on and click "Start" on the Clockify timer. Your time will automatically begin to be recorded by the timer.

4.     Stop and edit time entries: To stop the timer after finishing an activity, click the "Stop" button. If you failed to start or stop the timer, you can also manually correct time entries.

5.     Evaluate and export reports: To assist you in analyzing your time data, Clockify offers a number of reports and visualizations. Reports can be exported in the form of PDF, CSV, or Excel.

  1. Collaboration with others: If you're on a team, you may invite others to join your Clockify workspace and give them projects and tasks to complete. You can do this to discover how much time your staff is devoting to various tasks and projects.

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