Canva VS Adobe Express (2024): Which is better, Canva or Adobe Express?


Canva vs Adobe Express

I know you're here to see the comparison between Canva and Adobe Express and know which is better, Canva or Adobe Express. In this comparison, we'll see these two of the best graphics designing tools and their features so that you can make informed decisions. Both Canva and Adobe Express provide features for users to create infographics, simplicity, drag-and-drop functionality, and many other useful features. 

Here, in this article, we'll discuss those features and compare them with each other. Ultimately, we'll compare Canva and Adobe Express and check which graphics designing software you should use. So, let's begin!

Canva vs Adobe Express: Which is Better, Canva or Adobe Express

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Interface and User-Friendliness

Canva: A User-Friendly Haven

Canva offers a flexible and user-friendly interface, which is suitable for both beginners and professional designers. The drag-and-drop feature of this graphics designing tool is something to boast of. It offers drag-and-drop images, graphics, other elements, and one-click videos, lines, and shapes. All these features make Canva a very easy-to-use software for beginners and professional graphics designers. Canva is very simple to use and it doesn't require much expertise before using it.

Canva User Interface
ImageSource: Canva

Adobe Express: The Adobe Elegance

On the other hand, Adobe Express is a professional graphics designing software. Adobe offers lots of designs that may take a small learning curve for beginners. As a result, Adobe Express is a more complex designing tool and has a more sophisticated user interface than Canva.

Adobe Express User Interface
ImageSource: Adobe Express

Features and Functionalities

Canva: Versatility at its Core

From posters, logos, and graphics designing to video editing, Canva has a wide range of features that can simplify many tasks and help organizations fulfill their goals. Canva is also known for its collaborative features through which multiple team members can collaborate with each other on a single project. 

Canva Features
ImageSource: Canva

Adobe Express: Power and Precision

Adobe Express has a variety of powerful features, such as removing backgrounds, resizing videos and images, editing videos, and converting to and from PDF files. Users can also schedule social media posts directly from Adobe Express. Users can also access a library of millions of royalty-free images, videos, and audio tracks to create more amazing designs.

Adobe Express Features
ImageSource: Adobe Express

Templates and Customization

Canva: Template Galore

For various events, Canva has a wide range of pre-built templates. It has a vast collection of templates that can be used for various occasions such as poster designing, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Pinterest Posts, Round Logos, Banners, etc. All these templates are fully customizable and you can add or remove elements as per your choice.

Canva Templates
ImageSource: Canva

Adobe Express: Precision in Customization

On the other side, Adobe Express also features many templates for different use cases. It offers various amazing pre-designed templates for social media posts and ads, videos, flyers, posters, presentations, logos, business cards, getting cards, resumes, banners, and many more. In simple words, users can use Adobe Express for social media posts, business needs, and personal needs.

Adobe Express Templates
ImageSource: Adobe Express

Pricing and Accessibility

Canva: Budget-Friendly Brilliance

Canva offers a free plan and three paid plans: Canva Pro, Canva for Teams, and Canva Enterprise. Let's see what all these plans have got to provide us:

Canva Pricing
ImageSource: Canva

1. Canva Free: Canva has a free plan, which allows users to design anything by themselves. It has millions of stock photos, videos, animations, characters as well as basic design tools.

2. Canva Pro: Canva Pro costs $119.99 per year per user and unlocks premium features for users, such as unlimited stock photos, videos, and templates for different purposes. It also provides tools to edit photos, and videos, remove backgrounds from images and videos, and design your logos and fonts.

3. Canva for Teams: Canva for Teams costs $120 per year per user with a minimum of 2 users. It includes all the features of Pro Plan, plus additional features for teams to collaborate on designs in real time. It also provides brand management tools and content approval workflows.

4. Canva Enterprise: The Canva Enterprise plan requires contacting Canva sales for a custom quote. If you have more than 50 or 100 employees and you need Canva for all these users, you will need to contact for Canva sales team to get the required features for your business. You can also ask the team for advanced security features.

Adobe Express: Professional at a Price

Adobe Express is a complex and professional graphics designing software. Similar to Canva, Adobe Express also offers a free plan, premium plan, and teams plan. So, let's see their features.

Adobe Express Pricing
ImageSource: Adobe Express

1. Free plan: Adobe Express's free plan covers all the basic needs of individuals. The free plan offers 25 generative AI tool credits per month along with photos, videos, and PDF editing tools. The free plan also offers over 155,000 pre-designed templates with a limited selection of Adobe Stock assets. Finally, users can export their designs in GIF, JPG, and other file formats.

2. Premium Plan: The premium plan of Adobe Express costs $9.99 per month per user (billed annually) and it provides more advanced features. The premium plan provides premium templates and design assets. It features 20,000 licensed Adobe Fonts. Adobe Express has a massive library of over 160 million Adobe Stock images. Users can use branding tools to add logos, colors, and fonts. The premium plan offers 100GB of cloud storage and can be used on both web and mobile.

3. Teams Plan: Teams plan is designed for small businesses and teams. It costs around $6.49 per user per month (billed annually with 2 seats required for the first year only). It includes all the advanced features in the premium and plus plans. With Adobe Express teams plan, it offers 1 TB cloud storage per user for saving your designs along with 180-day version history and 24/7 tech support.

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Conclusion: Choosing Your Creative Ally

Your own needs and tastes will determine whether Adobe Express or Canva is the better choice. Canva provides a safe haven for quick and visually beautiful projects with its choice of themes and user-friendly interface. If you're an expert who wants total control over your projects and pinpoint precision, then Adobe Express is for you.

The three most critical considerations when making a selection are your budget, the complexity of your job, and your degree of expertise. When it comes to making graphics, you really can't go wrong with either the intuitive Canva or the robust Adobe Express.