The 17 Reasons To Use Canva for Graphics Designing | Canva Features and Affordable Pricing


Canva Review, Features and Pricing

Canva is one of the most popular graphics designing, and logo designing, and can't count how many different designs you can create on it. People use it to design their banners, logos, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Slides, Instagram reels, Tik-Tok videos, and all types of graphical and video designing are done on Canva.

Canva is a very simple-to-use software or web application that also has a quite handy Android and iOS app which you can use to create unlimited designs for your business. I personally use Canva for designing graphics and creating banners for my websites and for other purposes.

I think, for me, it is the easiest app to use with everything you need. If you are interested to know more about Canva, you must read it to the end because here I'm going to cover everything we should know or we can do on the Canva web application or on the Canva mobile app.

What is Canva and How can we take full advantage of the Canva App?

Canva is a simple-to-use graphics designing and video editing platform where millions of people come daily to take advantage of millions of stock photos, videos, graphics, texts, and beautiful templates.

Canva was launched back in 2013 and at that time it was just quite basic and only provides logo designing services. But now, it has transformed into a multi-billion dollar company with around $55 Billion net worth.

Old Canva in 2013
Canva in 2013

Best Features of Canva

As you know, Canva is a very popular and established graphics design website. It also has many amazing features which we are going to talk about.

1. Edit and convert your PDFs into online designs

2. Multi-template Canva Presentations

3. Beautiful Text Animations

4. Curved Text for More Clarity

5. Canva for Teams - Together Better

6. Millions of Natural & Lively Designer Textures

7. Perfect Image Cropper

8. Different Types of Speech Bubbles

9. Add Text to Photo

10. Multiple Stellar Photo Effects

11. Sharp Photo Straightener

12. Transparent Images

13. Different Styles of Photo Grids

14. Thousands of Unique Stickers

15. Beautiful & Unique Frames

16. Brilliant Colour Adjustment Tool

17. Millions of Stock Photos - Literally Every Stock Photo for Every Occasion

So, these were the Canva app features. If you have been educated in graphics designing or anything related to design, you will find Canva, a very beautifully made website that fulfills every need of a designer.

Pros of Canva

1. Photo Effects to Enhance The Photo

Canva has multiple effects for enhancing photos. You can add effects to your Canva-provided or uploaded photos.

Photo effects to improve photos

Select a photo and it will appear at the top of the editor. 

You can flip, crop, add filters, and adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, blur, etc. on your photos. There is also an Effects tab where you can add effects such as duo tones, background removal, and liquefaction.

Most effects are accessible with a free plan, but some features such as background remover require a subscription. 

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2. Access to Photos, Videos, and Templates

With the Canva Pro plan, you have access to over 75 million photos and videos and over 420,000 templates. Some of them are available with a free plan.

Access to photos, videos, and templates

To use the template, click the Templates tab in the editor. Canva will automatically search for templates based on the design type you choose. You can browse the template or search by color or language. To search for photos, click the Photos tab and select a photo similar to your filter.

You can also upload photos from the Upload tab.  Another place to find photos is the Other tab. 

You can access your photos and videos directly from sites like Pexels, Aliexpress, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. There is also a video tab where you can find videos. 

3. Access to Icons, Shapes, and Stickers

Access to icons, shapes, and stickers

Canva has an Elements tab where you can find icons, shapes, stickers, charts, grids, gradients, and more. You can add to the image to adjust the color, transparency, and size. 

4. Font Library

 Under Canva's Text is a font library where you can find dozens of fonts in a single font-font pair, from simple to sophisticated.

Font library

When you search for fonts, Canva finds individual fonts and the fonts that are paired with them. You can select a pair and add text.  If you have a 

 Pro account, you can upload fonts if you have a license to use them. You cannot upload the required fonts. 

5. Drag-and-Drop Editor

The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to work with photos, videos, templates, elements, and fonts. When you choose what you want to create,  Canva will display all the relevant elements.

Drag-and-drop editor

You can add them and make changes using the drag-and-drop method. You should be able to create a visual in a few minutes. If you're already using the template, you can probably create it in seconds. 

6. Generates More Than Just An Image

 Most people think  Canva is just for creating images. However, you can create invitations, planners, business cards, blog banners, newsletters, menus, certificates, workbooks, websites, flyers, and more. There are also many resources for online education.

Creates more than images

You can use the drag-and-drop editor again. When you select a creative type, Canva suggests a template. You can continue with the available templates or start from scratch.

7. Animate Images

You can apply animation effects in Canva. Just click Animation. This will show you all the effects you can use. Free ones include Block, Breath, Fade, Pan, and Rise. Paid animation is also available.

Creates more than images

We encourage you to try these effects. Especially for social media, helps to create beautiful images.

8. Post or Schedule on Social Media

Publish to social media or schedule

Like most online photo editors, Canva allows you to share your images directly to several major social networks. A useful feature they recently added is to schedule posts across social media such as Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn pages, Slack, Tumblr, and more. 

9. Content Planner

Another new feature is the Content Planner. Here you can see all the images you have planned. If there is a gap in your calendar, click the "+" sign to add a previously created theme or create it now. 

10. Brand Kit

Brand Kit

Brand kits are a storage area for branded assets such as fonts, brand colors, and logos.

The main advantage is easy access to assets during design. This saves time and maintains a consistent look and feel across all designs.

The brand kit is only available for Pro and Enterprise accounts. You can create a brand kit with your Pro account. You will need to upgrade to Enterprise to create more. Suitable for agencies designed for companies with multiple clients and multiple brands.

Cons of Canva

As mentioned earlier, Canva has numerous advantages. However, there are some drawbacks.

  • Limited Advanced Design Tools
  • Template Restrictions
  • Font and Text Limitations
  • Offline Access
  • Export Quality
  • File Size Limitations
  • Limited Animation Customization
  • Storage Limitations
  • Brand Customization
  • Dependency on Internet
  • Integration Limitations

Real-World Use-Cases of Canva

  • Social media graphics for business promotions
  • Infographics for presenting complex data
  • Personalized birthday and greeting cards
  • Eye-catching posters for events and workshops
  • Professional resume and curriculum vitae design
  • Wedding invitations and stationery
  • Marketing brochures for product launches
  • Educational materials for online courses
  • YouTube channel art and video thumbnails
  • eBook covers and interior layouts
  • Restaurant menus and food-related designs
  • Fundraising campaign banners for nonprofits
  • Real estate flyers and property listings
  • Inspirational quote graphics for social media
  • Fashion lookbooks and catalog layouts
  • Interactive presentations for virtual meetings
  • Business cards for networking purposes
  • Branded merchandise and promotional materials
  • Visual content for blog posts and articles
  • Customized social media stories and posts

Canva Pricing

Canva Pricing (Updated)

Canva is available in three versions: 1. Free 2. Canva Pro and 3. Canva Enterprise. Now you know what features Canva free version holds, but Canva Pro and Canva Enterprise are somewhat different.

Canva Pro is the best option for small companies with low employee power. It offers different pricing as per the number of users. The base price of Canva Pro with up to 5 team members is $120 USD which is paid annually or you can pay $12.99 monthly. For adding any additional team member, it would cost $5/year on the yearly plan or you can pay $7/month on the monthly plan.

For the Canva Enterprise version, you have to get the quote by requesting the Canva Sales team till then you can enjoy using Canva's top features for free for a 30-day free trial.

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Is Canva Free or Paid App?

Canva is both free and paid. The free version has a limited number of items in it. While Canva is still a very powerful app if you use the free version and it also gives you not millions but thousands of stock images, templates, and other tools with it.

But if you use paid version (not very expensive) you'll have access to millions of stock images, non-copyrighted images, millions of stickers, templates, stock videos, and many more. So that you can see the cost of premium Canva, I have put the pricing of the Canva-paid version.

Can I use Canva for free?

Absolutely! Canva offers a free plan with a variety of design tools and resources. It's a great way to get started with basic design needs.

What is the cost of Canva Pro?

Canva Pro costs $12.99 per month which unlocks premium features, a huge stock library with resize image options.

Is Canva only for professionals?

Canva is suitable for everyone even if you're an individual or a professional. Its user interface makes it easy for both beginners and experienced graphic designers.

Can I collaborate with others on Canva?

Yes, Canva offers collaboration tools that allow you to work with team members in real-time. You can share designs, gather feedback, and collaborate seamlessly.

Yes, Canva Pro collaboration tools for working with team members in real time. You can easily share designs, provide feedback, and collaborate seamlessly.

Can I print designs created on Canva?

Definitely! Canva provides printing and publishing options, allowing you to turn your digital designs into physical products such as business cards, posters, and more.

What makes Canva Enterprise different?

Canva Enterprise is designed for larger teams and organizations. It offers advanced collaboration features, customizable branding, and priority support.

Is there any Canva Mobile App for Android and iOS?

If I tell you only the truth, there is a very powerful and fast Canva app for Android smartphones as well as Apple iPhones and other iOS devices. Although, the UI for both the desktop app and mobile is the same. But if you are eager to design something unique then now, you have put your hands on a very powerful application that can even earn you millions.