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Key Features to Look For in Poster Printing Software

Poster printing is a simple yet powerful way to promote products, and events and decorate spaces. Small to large organizations, event organizers, and everybody uses enterprise softwares to grow in the market. Choosing a great poster printing software can be useful for your long-term growth. You can turn your thoughts into a sales machine, promote your business, promote your designs, and sell amazing posters for home decor with the help of poster printing software.

We have already talked about the best poster printing software in our previous articles, both paid and free poster printing software. I think you may be thinking about how to choose the best poster printing software, or which features must be included in the best poster printing software.

I will help you choose the best software for printing your designs without much effort. So, without wasting any time further, let's get started.

Must-Have Features You Must Consider in Poster Printing Software

▶ User-Friendly Interface

The common feature we all look for while choosing the best software is the user-friendly interface. The interface must be as simple as riding a bicycle for the 100th time. So, choose a poster printing software that is intuitive and easy to navigate so that all skill levels can create and print incredible posters with a small sense of learning.

▶ Design Templates

Choose a poster printing software that offers you multiple templates for your design purpose. It will save you time and effort when you have a big library of pre-designed templates for different occasions and purposes.

▶ Customization Options

Customization is as important as having pre-designed templates. Choose software that allows you to customize your design, edit your templates, add or remove texts, images, and graphics, and lets you design the page as per your requirements.

▶ High-Resolution Output

Free printing softwares like Canva or Adobe Spark free version offers users to create and download high-resolution graphics, and images. Check if your preferred software offers suitable design formats in large sizes.

▶ Print Size Compatibility

Print size compatibility is also very important for printing purposes. Designing is on the one side and printing with different print sizes is on the other side. Both are equally important so that you can print from standard formats to custom dimensions.

▶ Image Editing Tools

Although the image editing feature in poster printing software is not essential, it can be a game changer. If your poster printing software provides features like image cropping, resizing, color correction, and filters to enhance your images, then this is the one.

▶ Color Management

Proper color representation is important for poster printing. The poster software should offer color management tools to automatically match your design with your expected colors. Even when I use Canva software, there's an option to design my pages with matching color combinations, which is absolutely amazing. 

▶ File Format Support

Check if the software you choose supports a wide range of file formats such as JPEG, PNG, PDF, GIF, etc. for your imported images and graphics.

▶ Cost-Efficiency

These days, SaaS companies offer a variety of plans with their softwares. Compare different software's pricing and plans and check if it is value for money and if the features meet your requirements.

▶ Customer Support

You can stuck anywhere while using the software. So, before getting any poster printing software check if the software provides customer support, FAQs, guides, or tutorials with it or not. If not, then you must choose another software for the same purpose.

▶ Security Measures

When you upload your files, images, text data, or anything, you might be concerned about its safety & privacy. Protecting your designs, and personal information is crucial for any software. So, choose software that incorporates security measures to keep your data safe.

▶ Mobile Compatibility

This is a digital world and having a smartphone and working on it has become easier. There are many useful poster designing and printing softwares that come with mobile compatibility. So, consider having a mobile-friendly or responsive application for your designs.

What are the best poster printing softwares with affordable prices?

Although we have listed the best poster printing softwares for you with their features, pros & cons, and pricing, here are the 5 most popular poster printing softwares that also come with affordable plans.

1. Canva

2. Adobe Spark

3. Visme

4. Stencil

5. Crello


Choosing the right poster printing software is crucial for growing a small business to a large business. Good design software offers responsiveness, mobile friendliness, customization options, security, and other tools for creating high-end, eye-catching posters. So, check the key features above that should be included in your software and the pricing plans should also be affordable.