20 Best Typing Tutors With Online Typing Speed Test Websites


20 Best Typing Practices With Online Typing Speed Test Websites

Ever since we were kids & started our computer science journey, the first thing we learn is "how to type fast on the keyboard". Every beginner has a route to start the journey to learn something. The first thing everyone should learn is typing fast.

There are lots of typing practice websites & software available in the market. Some websites provide free-of-cost typing practices and some are paid online websites to increase typing speed. Here are the top 20 best free & paid online typing speed test websites that will help you to increase your typing speed.

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20 Best Online Typing Tutors with Online Typing Speed Test Websites

So, here are the Top 20 Best Online Typing Tutor websites where you will learn to increase your typing speed & increase your productivity. You just need to regularly practice and complete all practices in the given time.

1. Monkey Type

Monkey Type

Monkey Type is an open-source typing test project. It features various test modes. This typing speed test & practice website supports over 40 languages and you can take tests as per your preferences. It has a Zen Mode that lets you type any word of your choice. The Monkey Type has a default time limit of 15, 30, 60 & 120 minutes. But you have the option of setting up the timer as you want. After you take the test, it shows the result and you can see WPM (words per minute), accuracy, character stats, test length, the global leaderboard, and test type.

Pricing: Free

Check out Monkey Type

2. Keybr

Keybr typing practice website

Keybr is a simple typing speed test website that includes online typing lessons for free. It validates your typing speed & errors. Day after day, with lots of hours spent on typing, you will realize that Keybr has done its work by providing you the necessary speed you always wanted. It teaches you to quickly type each letter by testing words with each letter again, and again. You can also choose random lessons or tests to improve your difficult words.

Price: Free

Check out Keybr

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3. Typing Test

Typing Test

Typing Test is a free online typing speed test & typing accuracy checker that offers different yet simple typing lessons that help the user to move at their own pace. This website offers different style tests including 1, 3 & 5 minutes tests and users can choose between random text, sentences, or words. Typing Test also provides 100 arcade-style typing games that will increase speed & accuracy for both adults & teens by practicing more and more without getting bored.

Pricing: Free

Check out Keybr

4. Typing.com


Typing.com is a very popular online typing speed test website. It has various types of lessons that help you type fast. I personally used it when I started my computer science journey. This website has a traffic of over 5Million per month by SimilarWeb which means it is a well-established online typing practice website. It provides typing games, typing lessons, small letter words, capital letter words, numbers to type fast.

Pricing: Free

Check out Typing

5. 10FastFingers

10FastFingers is a great alternative to the Keybr typing test website. It has various practice tests. It is for testing typing speeds of a person. Its tool uses 200 random words and tests you for one minute. Once you complete 10 such tests, you'll be able to switch to 1000 word typing speed test. 10FastFingers website doesn't ask you for registration to access its advanced features. But you have to create an account to track your progress.

Pricing: Free

Check out 10FastFingers

6. Type Racer

Type Racer is an excellent typing speed test & practice website which uses two methods to improve typing speed & accuracy. One is the traditional method by typing different paragraphs & words. The other method is by inviting a friend to compete with you in typing. In this way, your friend & you learn fast, improve fast. Type Racer is a free online typing test website. Here you'll find out your WPM (words per minute) & accuracy as well as how much time you take every time to complete a test.

Pricing: Free

Check out TypeRacer

7. Nitro Type

Nitro Type is another classy designed typing speed test website. This website is full of racing graphics & sounds during the typing test. First, you will complete the qualifying test for warm-up which is quite a simple test. After completing the warm-up test, then the real typing test starts. This is a racing typing tests website where lots of other players compete with each other and try to come first by completing the paragraph before anyone does. You will see your position in the typing race, typing speed, accuracy, and WPM on the result page.

Pricing: Free

Check out NitroType

8. Key Hero

Key Hero typing practice website

Key Hero is another great platform to test typing speeds & typing accuracy. It is a free typing test website online that lets you take tests for free. Key Hero is a simple typing speed test website that provides you a random paragraph. You can choose from over 10 languages and also gets a graphical representation of your test. You are not asked to register yourself to take the tests but if you want to see your typing progress then you need to sign up first.

Pricing: Free

Check out KeyHero

9. Typesy

Typesy typing test website

Typesy is a downloadable typing test & practice software available for Windows, Linux, Mac & Chrome OS. It comes in various programs like individuals, education & homeschool, business, and teams. It is an advanced typing tutor even for adult learners. Typesy provides customizable typing lessons, and users can monitor their progress by signing up. This typing tutor provides 16 different typing games that improve your typing speed &  accuracy by reducing the errors in typing.

Pricing: $29.95 for unlimited installs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS

Check out Typesy

10. Typing Cat

The Typing Cat is one of the most advanced typing speed tests & practice websites online. It provides a huge number of paragraphs on different topics. The topics include basic, advanced, Ngrams, famous law quotes, a list of Latin legal terms, brocard, anatomy, medications, math, geography paragraphs, and more others. Typing Cat typing speed practice website also has computer-related terms like Excel, Javascript, HTML & CSS included paragraphs & tests.

Pricing: $2.69/month when billed annually.

Check out TypingCat

11. Free Typing Game

FreeTypingGame.net is a free typing game website for beginners who want to learn to type fast without getting bored. As its name suggests, this website provides 40 different blocks of text games you can choose from. You can choose the difficulty type & duration of the typing test game from one to five minutes. If you do any mistake, it highlights the error in red. And if you get great performance marks, you can also submit your score to the leaderboard.

Pricing: Free

Check out FreeTypingGame

12. TyprX

This is a free typing test website for beginners. This is a great alternative to the Key Hero typing test website. It shows a full-length paragraph to type and shows different players around the world. You can individually compete with anyone online on the TyprX typing test site. This website lets you compete privately with anyone and shows how you rank against other typing testers.

Pricing: Free

Check out TyprX

13. Power Typing

PowerTyping is another straightforward typing test website with a very simple UI. It offers up to 10 blocks of text you can choose from to take the free typing test at Power Typing. This website also supports 50 languages. After test completion, Power Typing shows a report including typing speed in WPM, accuracy, mistakes, and some other stats.

Check out PowerTyping

14. Speed Typing Online

Speed Typing Online is a free typing speed test & practice website where beginners come to learn typing fast. Although its UI looks old but its interface is quite easy to use. Speed Typing Online lets the users customize their tests and the test is of quite a beginner's level. You can visit this site and start typing tests in an instant.

Pricing: Free

Check out SpeedTypingOnline

15. RataType

RataType typing test website

RataType is a simple typing test & practice website mainly focused on beginners & teens. It provides large paragraphs as well as short texts to complete the test. You can choose the type of test on the RataType Typing Speed Practice website. You can take typing tests in English, Spanish, or French, and after completing you get a typing certificate which you can share to social media & show off. RataType offers different keyboard layouts like QWERTY, AZERTY, and DVORAK. Each of the typing courses has around 20 lessons with up to 25 exercises each.

Pricing: Free

Check out RataType

16. Good Typing

Good Typing is one of the best typing test websites for beginners with the support of multiple languages. It offers 27 guided step-by-step typing lessons for beginners. You can also choose from 23 different keyboard layouts. It has a special web-based typing course that doesn't need to download. Good Typing is so great website that it shows various analyzes like Keystrokes per minute (KPM), Words per minute (WPM), Time, Errors, and you can also check other typers' results. After taking the test, you can also download the certificate to show off.

Check out GoodTyping

17. Typings

Typings free typing test and practice website

Typings is another modern typing test website available for free. It comes with various in-built themes you can choose from if the default theme is not bright in your eyes. This website is a typing speed test website where you can instantly start your typing. After typing the whole paragraph it shows WPM (words per minute) & the accuracy of your typing.

Pricing: Free

Check out Typings

18. Key Hero

Key Hero is a great website to test your typing speed. With its typing tests, you will definitely increase your typing speed at some time. This website visualizes your report with graphs and it is very useful for some people. When you complete your typing test, it shows different reports like the average typing speed & accuracy of the user. It shows what you have typed, what errors you are making, and what character or word you've missed.

Pricing: Free

Check out KeyHero

19. Typing Club

Typing Club is an easy-to-use online typing practice website. It is available for both individuals & schools. While the website is free of cost. But there is also a paid version available for schools. You are not asked to register to use this website. But you can create your personal profile where you can save your progress as you go through the lessons. One can repeat lessons unlimited time until one gets five stars.

Pricing: Free

Check out TypingClub

[BONUS] 20. Rapid Typing (Typing Test Software for PC)

Rapid Typing (Typing Test Software for PC)

Rapid Typing is one of the oldest typing test & practice software on the web. It has basically everything you need to make your typing speed faster. It offers different styles of typing tests as well as typing games. It also helps the users to correctly put their hands on the keys. You can see whether you are using the correct finger to press the key on the keyboard or not. After taking the test, it shows you your typing speed, WPM, errors, the time you're taking, etc.

Check out RapidTyping

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