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Best Instagram Reels and Videos Downloader Apps for Android, iOS and other Devices

Everybody loves Instagram and everyone has at least two Instagram accounts for sure. How many Insta accounts do you really have? Comment down the answer below. Now, let's get back to the topic.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media accounts with Billions of users worldwide. People posts their photos, videos, and recently launched Reels. Many businesses start growing with Insta Reels. But how? Instagram has a separate button called Reels where people click and watch short videos just like TikTok. Scroll down and you'll watch never-ending Insta reels. By this method, businesses get millions of views and new visitors into their accounts.

Sometimes, we like a few Instagram reels of different accounts and we want to download them. Although Instagram hasn't given us any type of button to download Instagram shorts there are many useful Instagram downloader applications available on the web which help us download Insta reels without many clicks. Just put in the reel's URL and click on the download button. The Instagram reel will be downloaded instantly. Though, it may take some time depending on your internet connection and speed.

Why do people download Insta Reels by the way? The simple answer to this question is to attract more and more people and show them what they feel at that moment. Some people regularly download these reels, edit them and re-upload them on their personal Instagram account. But how do they download those amazing Instagram reels? Here in this article, you'll find out the best Instagram Reel Downloader applications & websites for Android and iOS smartphones. So, without wasting any time, let's get started.

Best Instagram Reels Downloader for Android & iOS

1. Official Instagram Online Save Feature (App)

If you're that type of person who just wants to save a reel not for sharing with others personally, then you're quite lucky because Instagram allows you to save photos, reels, and stories on their cloud storage. For saving a reel online follow the below steps.

  • Open Instagram and open the reel you want to save.
  • Now, click on the three dots menu at the bottom and click on Save.
  • This will automatically save the reel in the Saved folder inside Instagram settings.

2. Insaver Insta Reel Downloader (Android & iOS App)

Insaver is a professional app specially developed to download Insta reels on Android & iOS devices. You can easily download any Insta reel with the help of this application. To do so:

  • Open Instagram and open the reel you want to download
  • Now, click on the three dots menu and click on the Copy Link button there.
  • After copying the reel's URL, open the Insaver app on your smartphone and paste the URL there.
  • You will now see that reel and a down-arrow download button. Click on that button and it will automatically download the reel into your device's download folder.

3. iGram.io (Website)

iGram.io is a professional website used for downloading Instagram content including Instagram reels, Photos, IGTV, and Instagram Stories. I personally use this website because I'm quite selfish not to use my smartphone's storage to install any other app. To download Instagram reels, IGTV, or Insta stories on your mobile or PC, follow the below steps.

  • Open the Instagram app on your device.
  • Open the Insta reel you want to download and click on the three dots menu.
  • Now look for the Copy Link button and click on it.
  • Then open the iGram.io website in your web browser.
  • Paste the copied URL into the empty URL space. There will also be a Paste button to automatically paste the URL. You can use that button to paste the URL and click on Download.
  • Now, wait for a little. You'll see your reel and a Download button.
  • Simply click on the download button and it will start downloading.

4. InFlact (Website)

Inflact is one of the fastest, and multi-utility web applications. It offers us the power to download everything we can see on Instagram. It allows us to download Insta Photos, Insta Videos, Insta Reels, Insta IGTVs, and a quite unique feature to download Insta DP (display picture). If you want an all-in-one Instagram downloader, InFlact can be the best choice for you. To download Insta Reel, follow the below steps.

  • Open Instagram and copy the URL of the reel you want to download
  • Now, type Inflact Insta Story Downloader and search on your web browser. Click on the first web page from the InFlact website.
  • Now, paste the URL you copied earlier and click on the Download button.
  • You will see a preview of the reel you want to download and then click on the Download button next to it. It will automatically start downloading the Insta Reel
  • In the same manner, you can also download Insta photos, videos, IGTVs, Stories, and DPs of different accounts.

5. SnapInsta.App (Website)

SnapInsta is also another professional website similar to InFlact Insta photo, reel, video, IGTV downloader. It also offers users to easily download photos, videos, IGTV, stories, and reels into your iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS devices. SnapInsta also features Google Chrome extension to directly download Instagram videos or reels.

To manually download Instagram reels into your device, follow the below steps.

  • Open Instagram and copy the Insta reel's URL which you want to download.
  • Now visit SnapInsta.app website on your web browser and click on the Reels button.
  • Simply, paste the URL there and click on the Download button. You will be shown a preview image of your reel. Besides it, click on the Download button to save the Insta reel on your device whether it is iOS, Android, or Windows.

6. BaroSave (Android App)

BaroSave is an Android Instagram Reel downloader application that is fast and has a modern user interface. But one irritating demerit of this website is that it shows too many advertisements inside the android mobile app. But in the end, it lets you download Instagram Reels directly to your smartphone.

To download Insta Reels using the BaroSave android app, you just need to copy the URL of the reel you want to download then paste it inside the BaroSave app. Then simply click on the download button to download it and it will automatically start downloading.


Which is the best Instagram Reels downloader for Android and iOS?

Frankly saying, InSaver is the best Instagram reels downloader for both Android and iOS devices.

Can I download Instagram reels free of cost?

Yes. You can download Instagram reels free of cost. There are the most popular Instagram reels downloader apps and websites mentioned above.

Which is the best Instagram Reel downloader for iPhone?

InSaver is my personal favorite Insta Reel Downloader app for iPhones and iPads. This app offers its users to download Instagram reels free of cost.

Which is the best online website to download Instagram videos, IGTVs, and Reels?

As mentioned in the article, SnapInsta and Inflact are the best websites to download Instagram videos, IGTVs, and Reels at zero cost.

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