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Top Humata AI Alternatives | Check Other Options for ChatGPT for PDF

Humata AI is an advanced artificial intelligence technology that helps you find, read, and understand your documents, PDFs, or any text file in your system. If you search any line of a document or want to open a file related to a particular topic in your system, this AI will answer your questions as well as find your documents. Humata is like ChatGPT for your documents & files.

Humata is an excellent AI technology for understanding PDFs & documents. In this article, you'll see the best other options rather than Humata AI.

So, without wasting any time further, let's see the best alternatives to Humata AI.


1. Chat PDF

ChatPDF Alternative of Humata AI
ImageSource: ChatPDF

ChatPDF is a popular alternative to Humata AI. It offers simple interaction with your old documents, research papers, manual essays, legal contracts, and PDFs. When you upload a document or a PDF, you can ask anything about it from ChatPDF. It is absolutely free and makes your life easier.

Pricing: Free

2. FileGPT

FileGPT Alternative of Humata AI
ImageSource: FileGPT

FileGPT uses Large Language Model (LLM) to analyze documents, PDFs, and large files. FileGPT can be used to request and interact with documents with multiple file formats. Users can communicate with this software for asking questions about texts, Youtube videos, audio, web pages, PDFs, and even OCR for scanned documents as well.

Pricing: Pro ($18/month), Growth ($48/month), Elite ($98/month), and Enterprise ($398/month)

3. SciSummary

SciSummary Alternative of Humata AI
ImageSource: SciSummary

SciSummary is a super-advanced AI tool for understanding documents better. If Humata understands normal documents & PDFs, SciSummary understands scientific research papers & scientific articles much better. It uses GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 for providing summaries of your research papers & other scientific articles. SciSummary is really a blessing for researchers as it analyzes your documents & trains its AI model the new things altogether.

Pricing: Free

4. Genius PDF

Genius PDF Alternative of Humata AI
ImageSource: Genius PDF

Genius PDF is powered by Artificial Intelligence for understanding & summarizing documents. It can effortlessly summarize textbooks, handouts, academic articles, and presentations. Genius PDF can even generate financial & sales reports, business proposals, training manuals, and legal contracts. Finally, Genius PDF takes full control over your data's security as it provides secure cloud storage which can be deleted anytime.

Pricing: Free

5. DocAnalyzer

DocAnalyzer Alternative of Humata AI
ImageSource: DocAnalyzer

DocAnalyzer is another great alternative to Humata AI. It fully analyzes your documents and provides vibrant, situation-based interactions with them. DocAnalyzer offers high-quality document analysis and real-time insights into the document that helps you become productive and excel in your field.

Pricing: Free (3 PDF documents per day), Basic & Pro Plan prices not provided.

Conclusion: Best Humata AI Alternatives

These are the best Humata AI alternatives because they include cutting-edge AI capabilities designed exclusively for PDF and document processing. It offers an effective and fast method for managing and collecting information from a variety of documents thanks to its advanced features and clever algorithms. With these incredible Humata alternatives, you can update your document handling processes and open up new opportunities for AI-powered document analysis.


What is Humata AI?

Humata AI is a highly advanced tool for analyzing data, generating insights, and making fast decisions. It helps you understand documents better and also helps you summarize large documents.

Who is Humata AI for?

Humata AI can be used by a wide range of users, from beginners to data scientists. It is for those who want to extract important data from large documents without needing any technical skills.

Do I need coding skills to use Humata AI?

No, Humata AI is very easy to use, thus no need for any coding skills to use Humata AI. Simply input your document and ask questions. It also has a very user-friendly interface to get started.

How do I get started with Humata AI?

To get started, visit the Humata AI website and sign up for an account. After signing up for the account, you can use Humata's features without any worry.

Can I import data from different sources?

Yes, you can easily import data from various sources such as databases, spreadsheets, and cloud platforms.

Can I collaborate with others on projects within Humata AI?

Humata AI offers team collaboration features, allowing users to share reports, insights, and analyses with team members. You can also work together in real time.

Is my data safe and secure on Humata AI?

Humata AI takes care of all the security measures for protecting your data.

Is there customer support available for Humata AI users?

Yes, Humata AI provides customer support along with helping documentation, guides, and answers to all your issues and queries.