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Best Notion Templates Free For Students

Everybody is/was a student in their life. Some people couldn't go to college but those who went to college are missing those days. But those students who have aims in their lives usually have a notebook with different coloring pens to make notes. But not anymore because in these modern days, note-taking can be done just by using your smartphones or tablets. And most students love to use Notion.

What is Notion, in case you don't about it? The notion is a modern, highly useful note-taking app for iPads, iPhones, and other iOS devices. But if you use that in-built iOS note-taking app then you should at least try Notion on your iOS device. If you don't know about other note-taking apps, we also have a dedicated article on the best note-taking apps for Android, iOS & PCs You will definitely love it. Plus, it is useful too.

So, when it comes to hard-working students who can't miss their college courses, workouts, and late-night parties, it becomes very useful to have something that manages it all. I mean to say, organizing everyday work can be easy if you use Notion in your day-to-day life. College students with Notion can create to-do lists, shopping lists, Chemistry 101 notes, or anything they think you can write. The notion can also be very useful for those who collect notes for exam days because, with the help of Notion, it becomes very easy to search for any written notes. It takes a few seconds to search for any notes.

If you are a college student and you are reading this article with your whole mind, you don't need to worry about your books (that you have ordered from Amazon) kept in your backpack. Just relax and make some toasts to eat especially with some peanut butter, and be ready to go to your college because Notion is here. Use Notion to make your notes, organize your notes, and also make doodles on your notes with an easily editable workspace. So, if you are convinced to use Notion or using it for a while then you must know there are a lot of amazing templates you can easily access in your Notion app. But we'll cover the best free Notion templates for students so that they won't forget anything to note.

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The 20 Best Free Notion Templates for College Students

The Notion templates in this list will definitely make students more productive and become good at managing things. So, let's see how those amazing templates will help college students in many ways.

20 Best Free Notion Templates For Students (FREE)

Daily Planner Notion Template

College Hub

Notion Pomodoro Template

Campus Life Organizer

Notion Habit Tracker

Eisenhower Matrix

Minimal Dashboard

All-in-One Database

Portfolio Tracker 2.0

Workout Tracker

Resume Template

CRM Template

Meal Planner

House Plant Manager

Finance Tracker

Mood Board

Weekly Agenda

Company Wiki

Invoice Template

Employee Hiring System

Notion Templates for Students

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1. Daily Planner Notion Template - Download

Daily Planner Notion Template

Daily Planner is a great Notion template that offers a drop-down list so that students and others can store as many notes as they can without any problem finding those. Students and employees can also attach different images to their notes.

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2. College Hub - Download

College Hub Notion Template for Free

As its name suggests, College Hub might be the best Notion template available to install for free. The drop-down list, checklist, and direct notes are some features of the College Hub Notion template.

3. Notion Pomodoro Template - Download

Notion Pomodoro Template

Notion Pomodoro Template is quite similar to College Hub but with more features. So, if you are a student you can use the College Hub template but if you are an employee, you can have the Notion Pomodoro template for advanced functionalities.

4. Campus Life Organizer - Download

Campus Life Organizer Notion Template Download for free

The Campus Life Organizer template is made by Will Ma focusing on the usual budget, classes, and packing lists. Recently, it has been updated with a habit tracker, and job application features. Now, this template features a planner, weekly time blocking, networking-CRM, goals, job applications, habit tracker, etc.

5. Notion Habit Tracker - Download

Notion Habit Tracker free to download

Notion Habit tracker offers a clean and advanced tracker for college students to improve reading habits, writing habits, singing, dancing, playing, and some other habits. Students and even normal people can add and remove the list of different habits. Students can improve their everyday habits by adding different routines.

Notion Productivity Free Templates

6. Eisenhower Matrix - Download

Eisenhower Matrix Notion free Template

Eisenhower Matrix is a relatively quite useful and easy-to-use Notion template which is available for free. The checklist and URL-adding options are also beneficial features of this free Notion template for students and employees.

7. Minimal Dashboard - Download

Minimal Dashboard Notion Template

Minimal Dashboard is quite a minimal note-taking notion template that is useful for everyone including college students, employees, and other users. As you can see in the above image, you can create different folders in which you can create different notes according to the folder's name.

8. All-in-One Database - Download

All-in-One Database Notion Template Free

The All-in-One Database template is mainly for business owners and employees. You will create notes with paragraphs, headings, and even URLs. So, create your notes with this professional template.

9. Portfolio Tracker 2.0 - Download

Portfolio Tracker 2.0

Portfolio Tracker 2.0 is an updated version of its previous free Notion template. It is created by Zoe Chew. The portfolio tracker 2.0 Notion template offers a wide range of areas to practice your note-taking performance. It offers a simple list view to save notes as well as an image gallery that is clickable for a complete list of notes related to the category. This free-to-use notion note-taking app template is best suitable for students and employees.

Notion Personal Free Templates

10. Workout Tracker - Download

Workout Tracker Notion Template is a free Notion template for those who want to track their workout routine throughout the week. It is easy to use and offers paragraph space, chart space, and even checkboxes. So, use this template during your workout and check the boxes when you're done. It's that easy.

11. Resume Template - Download

Resume Template Notion Template

A resume template is another free notion template that offers a whole area to add your specialties and show them off to different companies. You can actually create a resume in just a few minutes. Whenever you're done, Notion offers the resume to be exported and use on hard paper. Adding images is also possible with this Notion Resume Maker Template.

12. CRM Template - Download

CRM Template Notion Template Free

CRM template is a beginner Notion template that focuses on adding different headings and lists of items in it. Though it is a basic template so, anyone can use it. You can create various headings with some lists and also add some texts & other information to those lists. CRM template is similar to MS Excel with different fields of information like Name, Email, Dates, Time, etc. CRM template is a free Notion template like others in this article.

13. Meal Planner - Download

Meal Planner Notion Template

Meal Planner Notion template is a must-have kitchen mobile app. It has options to add food items, and ingredients, and one user can also add or remove items from the list. As shown in the above image, users can add days of the month, meal, and their ingredients. Users can also add time to prepare and other info about the meal using the Meal Planner template. The Meal Planner template is also another free Notion template.

14. House Plant Manager - Download

House Plant Manager Notion Template

House Plant Manager is a special kind of template only for plant lovers, and plant owners. This template offers an image area to showcase images of different plants and when you click the image it will provide you the notes you have taken before. You can also define what's needed for your plant like water, sun, etc.

Notion Personal Finance Templates for Free

15. Finance Tracker - Download

Finance Tracker Notion Template

Tracking your finances throughout the month is very important for a person's whole year. That's why this finance tracker Notion template is loved by many college students and other employees. The Finance Tracker Notion template offers you a workspace with rows and columns where you can add dates on which you have spent something, the spent amount, and other types of entities. If you have a Notion note-taking app on your Android or iOS device, then the finance tracker template should also be there and it is also free of cost.

Notion Work Templates for Free

16. Mood  Board - Download

Mood  Board Notion Template

Mood Board is a simple Notion template that allows you to create notes in the simplest way. Have you ever used the Notes app on any Android smartphone? If yes, you will find the Mood Board notion template very much similar to that. Using Mood Board, you can create notes, add images, and after creating the notes you can see their creation date, and tags.

17. Weekly Agenda - Download

Weekly Agenda Notion Template

Weekly Planner is a very beneficial Notion template for business leaders because it is very easy to use and offers quite enough space to add tasks from Monday to Sunday. Users can add different tasks and their timings. All tasks and timings are also editable. But one thing is permanent which is its impact on your business. This will help you organize every second of your day. The weekly Planner notion template is free of cost. You can download it for free from the above link.

18. Company Wiki - Download

Company Wiki Notion Template

Company Wiki is another great yet free template for Notion. It is mainly used to describe a company's full information from the number of staff & employees to the yearly revenue of the company. Business owners can even add monthly targets using this free template. As a note, users can add the name of the notes, published date, and tags to make them easily searchable.

19. Invoice Template - Download

Invoice Template Notion Template

The invoice notion template is any company's very important and useful template. With this template, businesses can create invoices, export them and then send them to their clients to get paid. Although the design of the template is not comparable to most other professional invoice creators. But for summarizing, this is the best free template you can use to create invoices for the company.

20. Employee Hiring System - Download

Employee Hiring System Notion Template

Employee Hiring System is a professional Notion template mainly for HRs and HR Managers to recruit new people into the company. Using this template, they can add people's names, what they are specialized in, ages, contact details, etc. They can also add colors to highlight different texts. So, if you are going for an interview, you can ask them if they are using the Notion Employee Hiring System template.