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The 5+ Best Tab Manager for Firefox in 2022

Whether you're working in a company or freelance, you might have needed an application that helps you organize your tabs. People in organizations need references all the time to do the work in lesser time. They open lots of tabs in their web browsers and they have to make them remain open so that they won't lose important data. This is where tab managers take place.

Tab Managers let you organize your Chrome tabs or Firefox tabs in one place. Some tab managers also offer the categorization of tabs as per their topics. It helps you manage lots of tabs under one roof.

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If you work so hard that you can't even take a risk to close your important tabs in your Firefox, then you most probably get yourself an excellent tab manager from one of the Firefox add-ons. Once you have it, you will feel secure and it will definitely increase your productivity and time management. 

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Best Firefox Tab Managers for Productivity, Time Management & Quick Cleanup

1. Workona Tab Manager

2. Auto Tab Discard

3. Tab Center Redux

4. OneTab

5. FoxyTab

6. Tabby Tab Manager

7. Tab Session Manager

1. Workona Tab Manager

Workona Tab Manager

Try Workona if you need a strong tab manager for Firefox. It's intended to make it simpler for you to maintain concentration by helping you organize your tabs and documents by projects. Additionally, it automatically preserves tabs so you won't lose your work.

Try Workona

2. Auto Tab Discard

Auto Tab Discard Firefox Tab Manager

After a user-defined amount of time, Auto Tab Discard automatically closes background tabs and shuts down them so they are not consuming any system resources. However, they will continue to be viewable in your browser window.

Try Auto Tab Discord

3. Tab Center Redux

Tab Center Redux Tab Manager for Firefox

If you want a clean tab manager, Tab Center Redux is the best option. You may arrange your work from the left side of your browser window, where Tab Center Redux places a vertical listing of your open tabs. Although you cannot organize your tabs by projects, it is still useful if all you require is a list of tabs that are readily visible.

Try Tab Center Redux

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4. OneTab

OneTAB Tab Manager for Firefox

If clearing up your tabs once is your main objective, OneTab is a smart choice. (OneTab is not advised if you want to interact with those cleared-out tabs throughout the day.) All open tabs in your current Firefox window will be closed, and they will be saved in a group that may be restored later with just one action. But take note: OneTab's customer service is known for being unresponsive if something goes wrong.

Try OneTab

5. FoxyTab

FoxyTab Tab Manager for Firefox

FoxyTab is a wonderful alternative if you enjoy customizing how you manage tabs. It adds a number of tab-related activities to Firefox that you can use, like, to mention a few, sorting tabs by URL, merging windows, and duplicating tabs. FoxyTab works well if you want a lot of customizing possibilities because it has all of these features.

Try FoxyTab

6. Tabby Tab Manager

Tabby Tab Manager for Firefox

You can open, close, move, pin, and perform a variety of other actions on tabs and windows quickly with the help of Tabby, which makes managing many windows and tabs simple. With Tabby, you can even store all of your open windows and tabs with a single click for later use!

Try Tabby Tab Manager

7. Tab Session Manager

Tab Session Manager Firefox Tab Manager

Windows and tabs can be saved and restored. Additionally, cloud sync and automatic saving are supported. With the help of Tab Session Manager, windows and tabs are saved and restored. You can also organize sessions with tags and a name. When the window closes, the file is automatically saved. There are many more features along with cloud storing tabs' data.

Try Tab Session Manager

Quick FAQs

How do I manage tabs in Firefox?

Every view allows you to transfer tabs between windows, and you may pick tabs by clicking the right mouse button (or the CTRL key on a Mac). Once you've chosen a few tabs, all of them will be relocated to a new browser window by just pressing the "enter" key.

Does Firefox have tab folders?

There isn't a tab grouping feature in Mozilla Firefox yet. So you'll have to rely on free add-ons from third parties.

How do I use OneTab in Firefox?

You search for something in your browser, you like something, one tab after another, and then you want to group all the tabs in a list. You open the OneTab tab manager. The tabs will be closed and you will have those tabs back in the OneTab interface.

How do I get a list of tabs in Firefox?

Firefox lets you find a specific tab when you have a lot of tabs open:

  • Click the List all tabs button in the tab bar.
  • Click Search Tabs in the menu that opens.

Source: Mozilla

Can I create tab groups in Firefox?

You may quickly start organizing your tabs as you browse. Move tab to the group can be selected by right-clicking any tab. This conceals the tab from visibility and adds it to the newly created group. Select the group of your choosing if there are many groups available.

How do you separate tabs in Firefox?

There isn't a tab grouping feature in Mozilla Firefox yet. Therefore, in order to group your tabs, you must rely on a free third-party add-on called "Simple Tab Groups." It functions identically to what Chrome or Safari provides by default.

What are Firefox container tabs?

Container tabs are an optional, add-on feature of the Firefox web browser. They don't exchange session information and let you keep your login details entirely separate in each tab of your Firefox browser. These colored tabs provide you with more online identity management options.

How do I change the tab layout in Firefox?

  • Click the Gear icon on the top right corner of the New Tab page.
  • Click the toggle next to a section to switch it ToggleOn or ToggleOff, to show or hide that section.

How many tabs can Firefox handle?

Mozilla claims that Firefox Quantum, the most recent version of the browser, can handle up to 100 tabs.