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Best Workona Alternatives

Google Chrome is the most popular desktop as well as mobile browser in the tech industry, though there are many other browser options as well.

Whether you're a student, professor, doctor, engineer, or a C.E.O. of a multi-national company, you would have opened lots of tabs for getting information on different topics on your Chrome browser.

I even saw some people who have opened more than 30 tabs on their single Chrome browser window. May God help their RAM. Jokes apart, but everyone does it.

What is Workona Tab Manager?

Workona is a professional tab manager with fast browsing, a great backup team, and great experience. It helps you get your work under control and you will actually feel relaxed while using it. It lets you organize all the docs, tasks, and notes for your team and you.

Workona Tab Manager


Its user interface is so advanced that you won't find any chaos to look for your work. It means Workona offers you less chaos but more focus on your work across multiple cloud apps. You can collaborate with your team anytime using email or URL. It is compatible with major project management tools like Notion, Figma, Airtable, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.

Here are the best alternatives to Workona Tab Manager. So, let's get started.










Nova New Tab - Best New Tab

Nova New Tab - Tab Manager for Android, iOS & Chrome Browser

Nova New Tab is a customizable tab manager specially created for Chrome web browsers. It offers different customizable themes, Pomodoro, to-do list space, calendar, and even bookmarks on a single Chrome tab. For daily inspiration, 'Nova New Tab' comes with a daily random inspirational wallpaper as well as you can also use your own images as a new wallpaper for your New Tab.

To-do lists, wallpapers, and customized colors are fine but having a bookmark manager along with an RSS feed is something you don't see quite a much these days.

Nova has a Chrome extension and when you install it on your PC, it shows different in-built widgets like a to-do list, weather app, RSS feed, Google Calendar, customizable wallpapers, etc. Also, you can increase your productivity with customized, animated, 3D, and minimal themes.

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Snoozz - Best tab manager for snoozing tabs

Snoozz Tab Manager


Snoozz tab manager is a useful Chrome extension. When a user uses this extension, they can easily turn off their systems without worrying about losing their opened tabs. It lets you snooze tabs & windows on Chrome and restart working on those tabs whenever you want.

Users in offices can restart their work after the lunch break without forgetting those useful tabs & windows which they opened before the break. Your data will never get lost and luckily, they don't save your personal data. It maintains 100% privacy & security while users are using this Chrome add-on.

Cluster - Window & Tab Manager

Cluster - Window & Tab Manager for Chrome
ImageSource: Cluster

Cluster is another great alternative for Workona. This window & tab manager for Chrome offers dark and light UI to change the UI themes accordingly. When you sign up for the Cluster extension, it places the extensions button on the menu bar on the browser which can be later used to add and organize different tabs.

Cluster is a very powerful tab and window manager which helps you organize tons of tabs and lots of opened windows in one place. It organizes your tabs and windows in such a way that you can't hold back from not using them again. It offers a quick navigation feature, saves & restores windows, and tabs sessions as working projects. This means, in case your system crashes or something happened to your system, all your recently opened windows and tabs can be restored again when your system restores.

You can remove any tab from the tab manager as well as undo the removed tabs. Finding web pages and tabs from Cluster is as easy as creating a bookmark on the Chrome browser. It features Keyboard navigation support, Sort Tabs in Open Windows, Keyboard navigation support, Cloud Backup Saved Tabs, Dark Theme, Tab Audio Indicator, Mute/Unmute Tab playing sound, and many more.


Tablerone Tab Manager

Tablerone Tab Manager Extension for Chrome
ImageSource: Tablerone

Tablerone Tab Manager for Chrome is an all-in-one tab manager to save tabs, restore sessions, and organize bookmarks. If you always have to open many tabs on your Chrome and spend lots of time searching a particular tab, then Tablerone can be your quick companion to do this work for you. On the other hand, opening too many tabs make your PC slow and sometimes it takes a longer time to open a new tab.

Tablerone makes you fast, organized and focused on your work. It mainly features saving tabs as bookmarks with screenshot previews, organizing bookmarks with tags and notes, setting up workspaces, reopening tabs where you exactly left them, restoring tabs in case of a sudden Chrome crash, searching within your opened & saved tabs, sharing multiple URLs with one link using Tablerone.

In this way, you can call Tablerone a tab manager for Chrome, session manager, bookmarks organizer for chrome, bookmark manager, or something else. But it helps a lot to improve your focus by accelerating multitasking.


Tab Manager Plus for Chrome

Tab Manager Plus for Chrome
ImageSource: TabManagerPlus

Tab Manager Plus is a great tab manager with a creative user interface and an easy-to-use extension. It offers users to filter the tabs by entering titles and URLs. In case you have opened a URL two times, it automatically finds duplicate tabs easily. Pinning tabs is also possible with the Tab Manager Plus for Chrome. It saves tabs in such a creative way, whenever you save a tab, this Chrome extension creates a cute icon for the saved tab.

It displays all tabs & windows quickly in the current window, highlights duplicate tabs, quickly filters tabs by using titles & URLs, moves multiple highlighter tabs with 'Enter', easily switches to the latest opened tab, sets a limit on open tabs, moves tabs between different windows, deletes tabs & windows, pin/unpin tabs, and supports incognito mode after enabling it.

Tab Manager Plus for Chrome now offers both light and dark theme support. The team behind this extension is quite active and regularly updates the extension when needed.


Tobi for Chrome

Tobi for Chrome tab manager has a huge number of installed devices. This Chrome Tab Manager has been installed by over 300,000 users. As mentioned, Tobi for Chrome has been listed as the #1 Chrome extension by ProductHunt in 2016.

If you don't want to spend all your time finding an opened tab or window on your browser, the Tobi tab manager can help you access it within a minute. It offers easy switching between tabs & windows. Creating & organizing different windows for similar types of tabs can be easily created with Toby. Search within your windows and tabs is also possible with this chrome extension.

Toby for Chrome extension helps you create links to send anyone important web pages you have opened. Developers even claim that the Tobi extension can easily handle more than hundreds of different tabs at a time.


Tabli - Powerful Tab Manager

Tabli is a free tab manager for Chrome web browsers. It is simple to use and has a simple user interface. Users can save opened tabs and then categorize them in the Tabli extension. This simple tab manager offers a powerful search feature so that you can search for your tab or window in an instant.

There are two UI modes available for Tabli: Light Mode (Default) & Dark Mode. When you open multiple different tabs & windows on Chrome web browsers, you would have disturbed to find one or two tabs you needed at that time. Thankfully, Tabli offers fast opening of the tabs. You'll see all of your opened tabs & windows with their respective logos and names. You just need to look for your needed tab or window and just click on it to open. You are also allowed to add a pop-up window on your desktop.

With Tabli, you can easily take a look at all your opened tabs and windows, switch between tabs, and search for opened tabs. You can also save the tabs to open later.


Omni Bookmark, History, & Tab Manager

Omni Bookmark, History & Tab Manager Chrome extension is a multi-purpose extension used for saving bookmarks, managing Chrome history, and tab management. It offers multiple shortcuts and commands to use the tab manager. With this extension, you can open, close, and switch within hundreds of various tabs & windows.

Searching your browser history to open the same web page you opened last week/month is also possible with the Omni Chrome extension. It offers special commands to filter the opened and closed chrome tabs. Users can integrate notes & sketches from Notion, Figma, Docs, etc.

Omni bookmark, history, and tab manager also come in dark mode. Finally, this chrome extension is available for free and no sign-in is required for this Chrome extension.


Best Tab Manager for Chrome

  1. Nova New Tab
  2. Snoozz Tab & Window Manager
  3. Workona Tab Manager
  4. Cluster - Window & Tab Manager
  5. Tablerone Tab Manager
  6. Tab Manager Plus for Chrome
  7. Tobi for Chrome
  8. Tabli Tab Manager
  9. Omni Bookmark, History & Tab Manager

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