Appointlet's Scheduling Software Features and Pricing: Affordable and Customizable


Appointlet Features and Pricing

Have you ever been stuck while talking with your customers? If yes, you won't be stuck anymore because Appointlet is why you'll love engaging with your customers.

So basically, Appointlet is a customer management software that helps customers to get through your company's software or app. It is like virtual assistant software for helping your people.

On the other side, like Calendly, Appointlet is also one of the best scheduling software for helping you accomplish day-to-day business operations. There is also a possibility that your customers take a long time to engage with you and follow up with the backend organization. Simply means, it organizes everything that you're doing as well as what you're gonna do.

When you own a business or startup, you have lots of tasks to do daily. So, to handle those everyday tasks you need the best scheduling app. The best scheduling software is those that help you maximize your time efficiency and accuracy in your operations. That's why we can consider Appointlet one of the most promising scheduling and customer management software.

Appointlet offers a number of important features developed to make workflows easier and data to be tracked more accurately. It can automatically sync calendars, optimize the sales funnel, gather customer information, appointment planner, and many more.

Appointlet Features

Appointlet Scheduling and Customer Management Software Features

Even if it is the best scheduling software or the best customer management software, we use the "best" word for a reason. That's why Appointlet is on the list of the best software of this type. It has so many reasons to install on your computer that you can't avoid it. So, here are the top features to convince you that you should try Appointlet at least once because in case you don't like it, you have a reason to make your comments on it after use. But believe TechHarry, Appointlet is something that you and your business definitely need. So, without wasting any time, let's get started.

Easy and Fast Customization

Appointlet is as easy to customize as easy to use. You can easily customize your scheduling anytime. Whenever you need to change something on your schedule, it simply takes a few steps to make any changes. Appointlet will also customize the timings & dates on your website with the integration you've made.

Collect Payment Directly From Appointlet

Not just makes appointments and schedules for your next interaction with your clients, but it also collects payments from your customers. This scheduling software uses the Stripe payment gateway to get all the due payments right in the app.

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Sync Calendar to Get Updated

Syncing the calendar is a very normal feature of scheduling & appointment software in this era like the other Appointlet alternatives. If this couldn't possible, that would be a very strange thing. So, with Appointlet, you don't need to switch to different apps to sync your schedule with the calendar. It just automatically adds events and removes unavailable items.

Powerful Integrations with Appointlet

More the features more will be the more productivity. Yes, that's true. Appointlet even has more than just some additional features. It also offers more than 15+ very powerful integrations to enhance the functionality of a scheduling app. It offers integration with Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Gmail, Slack, Active Campaign, Google Calendar, Formatter by Zapier, Agile CRM, Drip Mails, Twillio, FreshDesk Customer Support, Microsoft Outlook, ManyChat for Social Media Marketing, Redtail CRM for Customer, SMS by Zapier, URL Shortener by Zapier, LeadSimple CRM software, BurstSMS, Hubspot,, and many more powerful integrations.

Multi-Time-Zone Translation for Different Regions

Appointlet also supports multi-time-zone translation. It means wherever your customer is working from, Appointlet will automatically change your time zones so that you can call, and make appointments, and a distributed team is supported worldwide.

Supports Multiple Languages

Appointlet is one of those CRM and scheduling software that offers support for multiple languages. It supports English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Appointlet Pros and Cons




Limited Free Plan

Multiple Integrations

Limited Availability

Easy Customization

Limited Analytics

Multiple Scheduling Options

Limited Customization on the Free Plan

Time Zone Detection

No Mobile App

Appointlet Pricing

Appointlet Pricing and Features

Starting with a 15-day free trial, Appointlet also offers a very long-term free plan that never expires. This free plan comes with a variety of useful features too. It includes unlimited bookings, unlimited booking types, unlimited form fields along with Google Calendar & Office 365 Integration, adding your logo, personalized links, automatic booking notifications, reporting, robust time zone support, and more integrations also.

Appointlet also offers a premium version that is very affordable to get and offers every major and minor feature you can ever have in your scheduling and customer management software. Appointlet's premium version costs around $8/month per member (billed annually) or you can also purchase it for a monthly subscription for $10/month per member which is comparably more expensive. If you want to save money without roaming around looking for more options, then you can try and waste your hard-earned money. Because you can't get more than Appointlet is providing and it is quite cheaper than other resources like Calendly which has multiple versions (Basic, Essential, Professional, and Teams) with a different number of features in each premium version.

The premium version of the Appointlet software includes resources pool availability for teams, Redirect Customers After Booking, Setup Automation With Zapier, Customize Booking Confirmations, Accept Payments With Stripe, Send Automated Reminders, Manually Confirm Bookings, Setup Integrations With Webhook, prepopulating Form Fields, and many more very useful features.


1. Is Appointlet Legit?

Appointlet has been helping businesses manage their time. I highly recommend you use Appointlet for customer management and scheduling time.

2. Cost of Appointlet?

  • $0 (Free Forever)
  • $8 per month per member (paid annually) or $10 per month per member (paid monthly)

3. Which is the Best Alternative to Appointlet?

Calendly is one of the best alternatives to Appointlet as it features easy appointment making, bookings, easy billing through Stripe & Paypal, easy schedules, and many more features.

4. Is Appointlet available for Mobile?

Currently, Appointlet doesn't offer any mobile app but as they claim, their team is developing an app for Appointlet to use on any mobile device as well.

5. Can You Use Appointlet for Free?

Appointlet offers a 15-day free trial. You also have the option to extend it into a long-term plan with lots of useful features.