8 Best Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Software For Every Business


Best enterprise resource planning software

Enterprise Resource Planning a.k.a. ERP software is responsible for organizing businesses while connecting different business processes and information across departments and functions. It is a type of business management software that offers managing services like finance & accounting, HRM, CRM, supply chain management, inventory management, and more.

What are the key features to consider in ERP Software?

While choosing a good ERP software for your business, you need to check whether or not the following features are included.

1. Functions: The software should be capable of handling business needs, including accounting, inventory control, and supply chain management.

2. Scalability: The ERP software you choose should adapt to your needs and in case of shifting business requirements, it should be capable of expanding & changing in response to the business needs.

3. Integration: The software you choose should be working fine together with other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and E-Commerce platforms while integrating them with your ERP software.

4. User-Friendliness: The software should be easy to use and include a responsive user interface so that users can get the required data right away.

5. Customization: Customizations in the software should be simple & adaptive so that users can put the most required and the least required features separately.

6. Reports & Analytics: Reporting and analytics save a critical place in any business growth. Businesses need such ERP softwares that can also handle every report and analytics with great care, and all this data should be easily read.

7. Security: To protect the company's data, you always check for such softwares that features protection of data from unauthorized access. That's why we are listing only those softwares which are high-class and offer excellent security.


Oracle NetSuite

Microsoft Dynamics 365


Sage Intacct

Bitrix 24

Katana Manufacturing ERP


1. Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Software
Image: Oracle

NetSuite is a unified Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It helps organizations achieve business growth and progress by optimizing business processes. It automates the business processes and stores the activities in a cloud platform with high-end performance. The software efficiently improves financial processes and enhances business reporting. What things are costing the most and what money comes in and out, everything is managed by the Netsuite ERP accounting software. Data storage and fast cloud security are the main reasons why you should get your hands on them.

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2. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the integrated part of a business management solution that helps us connect data, teams, and people together. It is also responsible for making connections between the front end and the back end. Dynamics 365 includes modules for financial management, sales and marketing, customer service, human resources, supply chain management, project management, and more. It works as a bridge between sales and services, and a supply chain with the storefront. It also integrates with other Microsoft products like Office 365, Power BI, and Azure for seamless workflow, and leveraging business growth.

3. Odoo

Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning Software
Image: Odoo

Odoo is a multi-purpose business solution for automating business processes. It is actually an open-source ERP & CRM software that includes modules for sales, CRM, project management, accounting, and more that make it a tricky and flexible solution for all business sizes. Its design allows businesses to add and remove a few modules as needed, and without paying for any unnecessary features. This software solution is highly customizable and offers easy integrations with 3rd party applications and add-ons to make its features wider. Overall, Odoo is a flexible, easily customizable, and affordable business solution that increases workflows and improves productivity.

4. Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct ERP Software
Image: Sage

Sage Intacct is an online cloud-based management software, specially designed for small and mid-sized businesses to manage finances and accounts as well as automate workflows. Sage Intacct is popularly used for handling general ledgers, accounts, cash management, order management, inventory management, and more. The software has excellent reporting and analytics features that provide real-time insights into the financial data so that you can make good decisions. It also provides over 150 pre-built reports and a dashboard and you can also create custom reports and queries as well.

5. Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24 ERP software
Image: Bitrix

Bitrix 24 is another cloud-based business software. It is a collaboration and communication software solution that is also used for project management, customer relationship management (CRM), HR management, and more. From task management to marketing automation, and from customer support to contact center management, Bitrix 24 has all features. Like Sage Intacct and others, Bitrix 24 also provides reporting and analytics features. Overall, Bitrix 24 is a powerful and complex collaboration, ERP, and communication software solution that help businesses simplify operations, improve productivity, and grow their businesses.

6. Katana Manufacturing ERP

Katana Manufacturing ERP
Image: Katana

Most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a cloud-based solution, designed for small, mid, and large-sized businesses. Katana Manufacturing ERP is another ERP software solution that aims to provide a good range of tools for inventory management, managing production processes, and orders. It simplifies manufacturers' streamlined operations and thus improves efficiency. Its main operations include real-time data & analytics, inventory management, scheduling, production planning, purchasing & sales management, etc. Finally, Katana Manufacturing ERP is a powerful ERP software solution for small to mid-sized businesses.

7. Striven

Striven ERP
Image: Striven

Striven is an all-in-one business management software. It comes with lots of tools for managing operations, finances, customer relationships, communication, and more. It features an easy-to-use, customizable, and user-friendly interface. This ERP software has a wide range of features including project management, inventory management, invoicing, billing, time tracking, reporting & analytics, customer relationship management, and many more. This software is easily accessible and can be used on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

8. Wrike

Wrike ERP solution
Image: Wrike

Wrike is a popular campaign management software. With its enterprise resources planning (ERP) solutions, it helps organizations meet their enterprise goals. It is also a powerful project management and collaboration software with the capabilities of workload management, performance reports, Gannt chart views, and company-wide visibility. Wrike is trusted by thousands of companies for its efficiency, effectiveness, and real-time workflows. It allows users to create and assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress in real-time.

Conclusion: Best Software Enterprise Resources Planning

Conclusively, choosing the best ERP software for any business is crucial. These softwares are responsible for managing operations, productivity, and profitability. From small to large businesses, ERP softwares help them all with their project management tools, analytics & reporting tools, streamlines their workflows, and handles all sales, accounts, and clients.

There are many interesting softwares for ERP at different costs. Some offer free plans with minimal features. There are also some softwares that offer lots of features at a very affordable price.

So, that's it for the article. If you have any queries related to the article, you can ask us in the comments section.