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Best Ad Blocker Chrome Extension

Chrome extensions have made our day-to-day tasks easier. There are lots of useful extensions for Chrome web browsers such as bookmark managers, task managers, tab managers for Chromedark mode extensions, and more.

These Chrome extensions are installed inside the Chrome web browser so that they could work simultaneously with our internet surfing. Even now, we can install ad-blockers to prevent ads from our browsers. These ad-blockers are useful for stopping ads on Youtube, and almost every type of website.

Considering its usefulness, we have talked about the best Chrome extensions to block ads, which are as follows.



AdBlocker Ultimate


Easy Ad Blocker


AdGuard AdBlocker




Fair AdBlocker


AdBlock Max

1. AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate is really an ultimate Chrome extension to block ads whenever you visit a new site or any other streaming website. It has been installed by over 1 Million users with a rating of 5 stars by 47,400+ reviewers.

It completely removes all types of ads and you can also whitelist advertisers. AdBlocker Ultimate is also capable of blocking tracking and malware from getting into your system. Overall, this is the #1 Adblocker Chrome extension with a five-star rating.

Rating: ⭐

2. Easy Ad Blocker

Easy Ad Blocker is another great alternative to AdBlocker Ultimate. It is capable of blocking any ads effectively. This Chrome add-on is installed by over 90,000 users and rated 4 stars by 614 reviewers.

This Ad Blocker is capable of blocking video ads, banner ads, pop-ups, crypto miners, and phishing websites. It also speeds up your browsing and saves on bandwidth. Overall, this Chrome Adblocker extension to block ads automatically detects and removes any annoying ads on your browser.


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3. AdGuard AdBlocker

Adguard AdBlocker is one of my personal favorite adblockers. It is a great ad blocker for Youtube and other streaming websites. This adblocker has been installed by over 10 Million users with 5-star ratings by more than 55K reviewers.

AdGuard AdBlocker can block all types of ads such as video ads, rich media ads, annoying pop-ups, banners, and text ads. It also helps in speeding up loading and saves bandwidth. This adblocker also blocks many spyware, adware, and dialer installers, and protects you from malware and phishing.


4. Windscribe

Windscribe is a popular, free proxy and ad blocker with more than 2Million users. It has been rated 5 stars by 20,400+ reviewers. This extension is popular for masking physical locations, avoiding censorship, and blocking ads & trackers on any website.

Windscribe is used for accessing restricted websites and blocked content without getting tracked. It blocks every type of invader, whitelists websites, location spoofing, WebRTC Blocking, Timezone Spoofing, Notification Blocking, Language Spoofing, and more.


5. Fair AdBlocker

Fair AdBlocker has more than 1Million active users with 5-star ratings by more than 1,37,000 reviewers.

Like AdBlocker Ultimate, it is useful for ad-free Youtube videos while saving your money on a premium Youtube subscription. It is also capable of blocking a pop-up, and pop-under ads. So, no matter what you click, you don't need to worry while surfing the internet. It also blocks Facebook ads, webmail ads, search ads, and more.


6. AdBlock Max

AdBlock Max is also a popular ad blocker for Chrome web browser. It has more than 200,000 users with 5 star ratings from 8,000+ reviewers.

AdBlock Max is simple, and easy-to-use ad blocker with the capabilities to block ads on Facebook, Youtube, and other websites. It also blocks annoying pop-ups, and irritating audio ads. By eliminating slow-loading ads, it makes website's speed 2x faster. This adblocker also capable of blocking viruses and malware that are hidden in advertisements. Overall, AdBlock Max is fully capable of eliminating any type of ads such as Facebook ads, video ads, and more while boosting up the speed.


How to add extensions to Chrome?

Adding or installing an extension to your Chrome browser is very simple.

1. Open the Chrome browser -> Visit -> Search for your required Chrome extension -> Click on the "Add to Chrome" button -> Installation will be started.

How to remove the Chrome extension from Chrome?

The steps to remove a Chrome extension are as follows:

1. Open the Chrome browser -> Click on the Puzzle icon in the top-right corner of the window along with your profile picture -> Move the cursor to the extension you want to remove -> Click on the three dots menu right next to the extension -> Click on the "Remove from Chrome" button -> Confirm to remove it if asked.