How to Verify Email Addresses with Clearbit Connect?

How to Verify Email Address with Clearbit Connect?

Clearbit is a powerful sales tool for businesses, similar to Reply. It also has a Chrome extension that helps users find B2B emails for contacting specific companies. Clearbit is also a powerful B2B tool for finding anyone's email address within seconds, improving their records, revealing buying intent, and connecting with promising customers. This tool is one of the best tools for startups who are looking for public data from the web, and proprietary data. It also offers the power of LLMs to convert unstructured information into precise and standardized data sets. Clearbit offers clean, accurate, and reliable data for businesses, which makes it ideal for sales and marketing teams.

How to Verify Email Addresses with Clearbit Connect?

Clearbit Connect not only fetches you the email addresses of different employees, companies, and industries, but it also helps you verify email addresses by providing accurate and up-to-date information about companies and employees.

After you install the Clearbit Connect Chrome extension and connect your Gmail account, you simply need to find the email addresses you want to verify either from Gmail or your contacts.

Following are the simple steps to verify email addresses with Clearbit Connect:

1. Install Clearbit Connect

Download and install the Clearbit Connect Chrome extension free from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Connect your email account

Now, simply provide Clearbit access to your Gmail account and connect Gmail with Clearbit Connect.

3. Find verified emails

After successfully connecting your email account, use your Gmail account or manually find email addresses from the companies' websites you want to verify. Use the Clearbit Connect icon on your Chrome toolbar to open the full details of the company's or employee's email addresses and thus, verify their email addresses.

4. Check credit usage

Clearbit Connect offers 100 free credits per month and credits will be spent every time it shows you an email address using the extension. You can also check spent and remaining Clearbit credits in your Connect settings.

If you are stuck in anything with Clearbit Connect, you can use Clearbit Connect's Help Centre.

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