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Best Sales Tools for Startups

Let's talk about businesses' needs. What do businesses actually need? Businesses need actual sales to grow. Businesses use many apps to plan, develop new products & services, test, and market. But all these works for what? Businesses use various tools and softwares so their services and products can be sold quickly.

But what about Startups? They actually need more sales to compete with those large businesses. Startups usually have fewer resources, and finances than other reputed businesses. So, they need more power to grow. That's why they need such softwares and tools that can increase sales of their products and automatically navigate sales across the web.

In this article, we'll discuss several useful and popular sales tools to increase sales and grow the business. We'll discuss their features and plans to decide the best sales for startups.

Best Sales Tools for Startups to Grow Their Business: What are the Best Tools for Startups?

Here are the best sales tools for Startups to grow more and more:

1. Reply

Reply IO
ImageSource: Reply

Reply is a powerful AI sales management platform that helps businesses automate sales processes. It has a set of tools for lead generation, email automation sales communication, and sales training. The wonderful email assistant tool is powerful enough to create 100% human-like emails in seconds. Reply also uses GPT-3 technology to generate first-step emails, AI follow-ups, and instantly send emails. This sales tool is also useful for checking email quality for users to help them improve their email copy and increase response rates.

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2. Clearbit

ImageSource: Clearly

Clearbit is another sales tool for businesses. It also has a Chrome extension that helps users find B2B emails for contacting specific companies. Clearbit is also a powerful B2B tool for finding anyone's email address within seconds, improving their records, revealing buying intent, and connecting with promising customers. This tool is one of the best tools for startups who are looking for public data from the web, and proprietary data. It also offers the power of LLMs to convert unstructured information into precise and standardized data sets. Clearbit offers clean, accurate, and reliable data for businesses, which makes it ideal for sales and marketing teams.

3. Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator
ImageSource: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful sales tool for those professionals who target the right buyers and companies while understanding buyers' value and engaging buyers with customized approaches. It offers various features for increasing sales including prospecting and insights, lead recommendations, sales updates and notifications, InMail, messages, and connection requests, integrations with CRM, buyer intent signals, customer insights, and more. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is available as an Android app, which makes it easy for sales professionals to access sales on the go.

4. Aeroleads

ImageSource: Aeroleads

Aeroleads is a great alternative to Reply and Clearbit sales tools. It helps sales and marketing teams improve their lead generation and communication. This sales tool has an email finder feature that helps users find the email addresses of individuals and companies just by entering their name, company name, or domain. The tool also has 97% email validation, making it one of the most reliable email verifiers. Users can also integrate Aeroleads with third-party applications, such as HubSpot, FreshSales, Zapier, Zoho Sales Process, etc. Finally, Aeroleads is a powerful tool for sales & marketing teams to streamline their sales processes, increase the quality of their email campaigns, and improve their lead-generation efforts.

5. Klenty

ImageSource: Klenty

Klenty improves sales engagement and automation. It helps sales teams to communicate across multiple channels, follow up with context, and open new conversations. It offers features for prospecting, email automation, personalized email sending, and automated follow-ups. Klenty also helps users create effective cold email campaigns to attract more sales and generate leads. This sales tool is available with a 14-day free trial with an excellent support team to help you out with any software-related issues.

6. Zapier

ImageSource: Zapier

Zapier is a very popular web automation tool that securely integrates web apps and services to work continuously without coding. It allows users to create automated workflows that start with a trigger, which is automatically completed within seconds. Zapier is popularly known for its integration capabilities. This is why Zapier offers integration with over 5,000 different apps. These integrations help users connect to different tools while working on their existing workflows. Zapier allows users to automate their tasks without working on any integrations by themselves or hiring someone to build integrations for them. As compared to some other sales automation tools, Zapier is affordable, versatile, and secure and also offers a free plan that includes 5 Zaps or triggers and 100 tasks per month.

7. Apollo.io

ImageSource: Apollo

Apollo.io is an all-in-one platform for intelligent sales analysis, which also provides tools for prospecting, engaging, and driving more revenue. It has a wide buyer database of over 270 million contacts, and powerful sales engagement and automation tools in one place. It also has verified data for over 270 million B2B contacts and 73 million businesses integrated with tools to engage and convert. This all-in-one sales tool is trusted by 500,000 companies with millions of users globally. Apollo.io offers a free plan that offers access to its Chrome engagement features and 50 email credits per month.