13 Best AI Writing Tools: Write Like a Pro


Best AI Writing Tools of 2022

Content writing is a major part of every book writer, blogger, a media publisher, social media influencer, copywriter, etc. But after AI took over many things in this world, we have come here with the best tools for content writing and blogging.

From Writesonic to Scalenut and Texta, we have covered every useful feature of the best AI writing software. These AI content writers don't just help content writers in their work but also help students write impressive essays to ensure good academic scores to get into great colleges & universities.

So, now without wasting any time further, let's see the beautiful features of the powerful 13 AI Writing Tools of 2024.


We have listed different AI writing tools to help you in different fields. Some writing tools here will help you write professional emails, long-form articles, etc. We have also included some grammar checkers here so that you could validate grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. in order to make your content error-free. We also covered those AI caption writers that will help you write wonderful and attractive Instagram & Linked captions within a few seconds. So, without wasting any time further, let's get started.

Note: This is not a ranked list. So, choose your AI writers as per your choice.


1. Writesonic

2. Quillbot

3. Scalenut

4. Surfer SEO

Writesonic generates excellent material, such as blog posts, emails, product descriptions, and more. It has a user-friendly interface and is made to help authors produce compelling material quickly.

Quillbot is an AI-powered writer that helps users write better by offering alternative wording suggestions, rephrasing words, and improving clarity.

In order to help writers and marketers produce high-quality, SEO-friendly content quickly, Scalenut provides tools for subject inspiration, content brief development, and content optimization.

Surfer SEO is an AI-based platform that helps businesses create and optimize content for ranking better on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. It helps in researching keywords and editing content better.

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Writesonic - Best AI Writing Tool
ImageSource: Writesonic

WriteSonic was one of the most favorite AI writing tools of 2022. Most content writers and bloggers prefer to use WriteSonic as their AI writing tool. It is capable of writing SEO-optimized and long-form articles and blogs of up to 1,500 words in just 15 seconds. Whatever you need to put in the article, WriteSonic automatically put it.

It is best suited for all even if you are a content writer, have an E-commerce store, or are an entrepreneur. This ultimate AI software will also help you optimize Facebook ads or any other ad for growing your business.

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Writesonic Key Features

While Writesonic is one of the most advanced AI writing tools. It offers 80+ advanced features with its premium plan. The main features of Writesonic are:

  • AI Article & Blog Writer
  • Blog Ideas, Intros, Outlines
  • Story Generator
  • E-commerce Product Descriptions
  • Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. description & meta tags generator
  • Short Linkedin, and Facebook Posts
  • Tweet Generator, Youtube Ideas, YouTube Intros & Outlines
  • Paraphrasing, Sentence Expander, and Quora Answers
  • Content Shortener, Cold Emails V2, Review Responder
  • Personal & Company Bios
  • Startup Ideas, Listicle Ideas, Keyword Extractors, Growth Ideas
  • Analogy Maker
  • Pain-Agitate-Solutions
  • Real estate listing descriptions

WriteSonic Pricing

Free Trial ($0)

Short-Form ($10/month)

Long-Form ($13/month)

6,250 words – 1 User

30,000 Words – 1 User

47,500 Words – 1 User

70+ AI Templates

70+ AI Templates

Complete Article Rewriter

25+ Languages

25+ Languages

Bulk Processing

Landing Page Generator

Landing Page Generator

Priority access to new features

1-Click WordPress Export

1-Click WordPress Export

Priority Support

Browser Extensions

Browser Extensions

AI Article Writer

Zapier Integration

Zapier Integration

Sonic Editor

AI Article Writer

Sonic Editor



Quillbot - Best AI Writing Tool
ImageSource: QuillBot

QuillBot is the beast of simple and effective content writing. It has a very simple interface and offers lots of other AI tools too. For example, Quillbot gives you an article rephrasing tool, plagiarism checker, grammar checker, citation checker, and more. It also offers you different content paraphrasing modes such as Standard, Fluency, Formal, Simple, Creative, Expand, and Shorten.

Quillbot offers you a Chrome extension as well as MS Word integration for better writing. It also has a vast dictionary of words and a beautiful list of thousands of synonyms. So, next time you want an online paraphrasing tool, remember that QuillBot is the simplest and one of the most advanced AI writing tools of all.


Key Features

  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Co-Writer, which brings all of the other tools together
  • Summarizer
  • Citation Generator

QuillBot Pricing

FREE ($0/month)

PREMIUM ($9.95/month)



Standard and Fluency

Standard, Fluency, Expand, Shorten, Formal, Simple, and Creative Modes

3 Synonym Options

4 Synonym Options

1 Freeze Word or Phrase

Unlimited Freeze words and phrases

1200 Words in the Summarizer

6,000 words in the summarizer

Faster processing speed

Advanced grammar rewrites

Compare Modes (Desktop Only)

Plagiarism Checker

Tone Detection



SurferSEO - Best AI Writing Tool
ImageSource: SurferSEO

If you can only get one tool, Surfer is the one I'd recommend. It helps you create SEO-optimized content, crawl the web for content ideas, and quickly begin to rank in search engines.

One of my favorite features of Surfer is the document editor, which allows you to copy and paste directly into your website's content management system (CMS) without having to reformat it. Because their document editor already includes all of the HTML tags, you only need to format it once. Surfer has progressed into a well-rounded option now that it has released its own AI writing tool, Surfy.

Surfer SEO Key Features

  • Average word count (content length)
  • Keyword density and frequency
  • Use of partial match keywords
  • Hidden Content
  • Page speed
  • Characters count in title tags
  • Alt text
  • Content Editor
  • SERP Analyzer
  • Audit 
  • Keyword Research 
  • Content Planner

Surfer SEO Pricing

FREE ($0/month)

BASIC ($49/month)

PRO ($99/month)

BUSINESS ($199/month)

Perfect for those who just started a new website and want to grow it quickly

Perfect small business owners, bloggers, and hobbyists

Best suited to medium-sized organizations operating multiple websites

Best suited to large organizations managing ten or more websites

Add and track unlimited early-stage websites

Add and track 1 website

Add and track 5 websites

Add and track 10 websites

Receive specific content optimization suggestions on every topic

Add and track unlimited early-stage websites

Add and track unlimited early-stage websites

Add and track unlimited early websites

Get new SEO insights every 7 days

Get new SEO insights every 7 days

Get new SEO insights every 7 days

Write and optimize articles with Content Editor

Write and optimize articles with Content Editor

Write and optimize articles with Content Editor

10 Articles/month

30 Articles/month

70 articles/month

Audit any page

Audit any page

140 pages/month

20 pages/month


Invite 10 team members

Invite 1 team member

Invite 3 team members

Access to Customer Success Team

Guidelines enhanced with NLP

Guidelines enhanced with NLP

Guidelines enhanced with NLP

Dedicated backlink building and metric reports

White labeling

Access to the API



RYTR - Best AI Writing Tool
ImageSource: RYTR

RYTR is a very advanced AI writing tool that learns from historical data it gets. The more data it gets, the more advanced it becomes. Unlike others, you can use it for any type of article such as technology, marketing, sports, business articles, etc. Without human help, RYTR's AI can write multiple pages of content within an hour.

RYTR's AI writing platform also has some other tools to help you write better and validate your mistakes, and take other reports. Although this online AI tool mainly focuses on writing great content, it also has a plagiarism checker to make your articles unique and outstanding to others, a grammar checker for validating common grammar errors, a character & word counter for counting the length of your articles, and more. Users can finally create their profile on RYTR to save their work online.

RYTR Key Features

  • Sentence Rephraser
  • Sentence formatting
  • Tone checker
  • Grammar Check
  • Autocorrect
  • 25+ Languages Supported
  • Priority Email & Chat Support

RYTR Pricing

FREE ($0/month)

Saver Plan ($9/month)

Unlimited Plan ($29/month)

Generate 10K characters per month

Generate 100K characters per month

Generate Unlimited characters per month

Access 40+ use cases

Access 40+ use cases

Access 40+ use cases

Write in 30+ languages

Write in 30+ languages

Write in 30+ languages

Access 20+ tones

Access 20+ tones

Access 20+ tones

Access to premium community

Built-in Plagiarism Checker

Built-in plagiarism checker

Access to premium community

Access to premium community

Create your own custom use-case

Create your own custom use case

Dedicated account manager

Priority email & chat support



Grammarly - Best AI Writing Tool
ImageSource: Grammarly

Grammarly is the best grammar checker you can use without having many difficulties. After installing Grammarly on your web browser, or integrating it with your writing platforms such as Google Docs, or MS Word, it automatically starts showing grammatical errors in your articles. It helps you write articles in a way you always write. You can simply say that Grammarly helps you sync your tone of writing with their AI grammar tool. It will help you write in order to impress everyone. If your story is excellent, Grammarly will help you express your emotions your story.

Grammarly has some initial settings, that you are also allowed to change later. These settings include Audience settings, Formality settings, Domain settings, and Tone & Intent Settings. Grammarly automatically eliminates all grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and punctuation mistakes. Finally, Grammarly can be integrated into Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, MS Word, Notion, Twitter, and many more.

Grammarly Key Features

  • Grammar and spelling checks
  • Checks punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure
  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Genre-specific writing style checks
  • Plagiarism detector

Grammarly Pricing

FREE ($0/month)

Saver Plan ($12/month)

Unlimited Plan ($15/month)

Basic Writing suggestions and tone detection

Clarity, vocabulary, and tone improvements

Features for teams, organizations, and enterprises


Everything in the Free version

Everything in the Premium version


Full-sentence rewrites

Style guide


Word choice



Tone suggestions

Brand tones

Tone Detection

Plagiarism detection

Analytics dashboard

Account roles and permissions

SAML Single Sign-on



Jasper - Best AI Writing Tool
ImageSource: Jasper

Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis, is one of the tops AI writing software. Jasper bought writing tools like Headline and Shortly AI. At the time this article was written, both tools were standalone solutions, however, they both have plans to completely integrate with Jasper.

Write books, scripts, blogs, articles, and other types of content. Jasper will write the material for you when you select a topic and fill out the form with the necessary information. Even though the content isn't always great, it helps me get over my writer's block. Jasper.AI is a valuable tool now that "content generation" is the status of natural language generation in content marketing.

Jasper AI Key Features

  • Content Generation
  • Document Editor
  • Tone of Voice Settings
  • Sentence Rewriting
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Grammarly Integration
  • Jasper Templates & Recipes
  • Content Lookback
  • SEO Keywords
  • Voice Commands

Jasper AI Pricing

Starter  Plan ($24/month)

Boss Mode ($82/month)

20,000 words per month

100,000 words per month

50+ AI Templates

Everything in Starter Plan

Support for 20+ Languages

Google Docs Style Editor

Up to 5 Users

Compose & Command Features

Chat Support

Maximum Content Loadback

Increased Limits on Templates

Grows with Your Team

Priority Chat Support

More Features Available


Scalenut - Best AI Writing Tool
ImageSource: Scalenut

Scalenut focuses on Content Development Automation. Using its AI writing algorithm combined with SEO and NLP techniques, it helps you write incredible articles and improve your blog rankings on Google. Jasper with the SEO Surfer integration can be said a great alternative to Scalenut. It simply means you don't need two separate software for content writing. You simply put a relevant keyword and Scalenut will give you a full document around your keyword.

It has many features that revolve around AI content writing such as SEO Research, a Long-form AI writing tool, an AI article writing, and a short-form AI writer, and a big benefit is, that there are no word-length restrictions.

Scalenut Key Features

  • SEO-Focused Content Outlines
  • AI Copywriting
  • Long-Form Content Generator
  • Generate Effective Product Descriptions
  • Write in Real-Time
  • Scalable, Affordable & Easy to Use

Scalenut Pricing

Individual ($12/month)

Growth ($32/month)

Pro ($60/month)

100,000 AI Words

Everything in Individual +

Everything in Growth +

5 SEO Reports

Unlimited AI Words

Unlimited SEO Reports

40+ AI Tools

30 SEO Reports

Dedicated Customer Success Manager


Cruise Mode (Blog in 5 Minutes)

2 Users; Add More at $49/user

24x7 email and chat support


100 – Topic Clusters

AI Settings


SERP Facts


30 – Topic Clusters



CopyAI - Best AI Writing Tool
ImageSource: CopyAI

What is Copy.Ai?

Copy.ai is an AI Writing Software founded in early 2020 and has 16 employees, mainly located in the United States.

It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing tool that claims to reduce time and improve conversion rates. The tool's value proposition, according to its webpage, will end writer's block and generate marketing copy in seconds.

It won't produce long-form material in seconds, such as total blog posts in a single click, but it can assist in the creation of content such as blog titles, outlines, points to paragraphs, blog intros and outros, and the like. With a complete CopyAI review, we decided to put this AI content generator to the test.

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With its numerous automatic creativity tools, CopyAI assists in overcoming writer's block. It also provides a variety of AI-made templates to help you at the beginning of your project. With CopyAI's new long-form document editor, you can work on all of your ideas in one location.

CopyAI also has multiple different tools such as email subject line generator, Instagram caption generator, and business name generator which will help you in content writing on various platforms. The main benefit of using the CopyAI writing tool is, that it offers 100+ templates for generating copies. It has a very easy-to-use interface, and it also supports multiple languages.


Copy AI Key Features

  • Product Descriptions
  • Social Ads
  • Startup Tools: Moto generators, Value Proposition, Brand Voice, etc.
  • Website Copy
  • Email/Letter
  • Content Creation for Social Media
  • Sales copy
  • Writing Tools: Story plots, hero introductions, cliffhangers, etc.
  • Brainstorming Tools
  • Personal Tools: Cover letters & Bio
  • All-in-one Copywriter
  • All-In-One Solution for Digital Marketing

CopyAI Pricing

FREE ($0/month)

PRO ($99/month)

2,000 words per month

100,000 words per month

Only 1 user seat

5 user seats included

90+ copywriting tools

90+ copywriting tools

Unlimited projects

Unlimited projects

7-day free trial of Pro Plan

Priority email support

25+ languages

Blog wizard tool

Access to newest features



Hypotenuse AI - Best AI Writing Tool
ImageSource: HypotenuseAI

The Hypotenuse AI is one of those amazing AI writing tools. Its main purpose is to quickly produce original content, descriptions, articles, and more. No need for any explanation but this AI writing software's content writing is excellent and original. When you put a keyword or a topic in this AI content-writing software, it automatically makes a unique article for you. It is one of the best software for generating social media captions, advertising copies, headlines, and Product descriptions in bulk for Ecom and Amazon stores.

Business who are looking to improve their marketing approach but staying behind because of a lack of time or resources, Hypotenuse AI might be your great assistance. But a big demerit of using this software as your AI writing assistant is that it won't help you with long-form content, and this copywriting platform also has limited templates to work on. Finally, this Hypotenuse AI is best suitable for bloggers, content creators, YouTube descriptions, sales & marketing, Crafting titles and outlines, Quick Instagram and Facebook captions, and many more.

Hypotenuse AI Key Features

  • Sentence Rephraser
  • Style Editor
  • Engagement Metrics
  • Plagiarism check
  • Sentence formatting
  • Tone checker
  • Autocorrect

Hypotenuse AI Pricing

STARTER ($24/month)

GROWTH ($49/month)

100 credits per month

350 credits per month

Approximately 25,000 words

Approximately 87,500 words

Credits roll over from month to month

Credits roll over from month to month

Blog article writing workflow

Access to everything in Starter

200 watermark-free AI images (50 generations)

Unlimited watermark-free AI images

Bulk product description

25 plagiarism checks on articles

Write in 25+ languages

Priority email and chat support

Email support

1 user seat

1 user seat



CopySmith - Best AI Writing Tool
ImageSource: CopySmith

An AI copywriting tool, Copysmith assists users in creating material for their blogs or websites. Additionally, it offers a simple method for disseminating and promoting already-developed material. The platform provides a number of tools to assist users in creating various forms of content, with the article builder being the most well-liked because it enables users to create original pieces. It offers a variety of material to its clients, such as blog entries, landing pages, sales pages, and webinars.

The program creates original text in the user's writing style using artificial intelligence algorithms. It ensures that your marketing initiatives are successful for both your customers and your company. You can quickly and easily produce excellent content for any language using Copysmith.

Copysmith Key Features

  • Content Rewriter
  • Product Descriptions
  • Content Ideas
  • Blog Ideas
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Campaign Builder
  • AI Image Generator
  • Bulk Content Generation

Copysmith Pricing

STARTER ($19/month)

PROFESSIONAL ($59/month)


For individuals looking to get started

For growing teams and power users taking their copy to the next level

For businesses that need unlimited content creation at scale




In-app support

In-app support

In-app support

75 credits / up to 40k words

400 credits / up to 260k words

Bulk import & export

20 Plagiarism checks/per month

100 plagiarism checks/month

Custom templates

Account manager

Unlimited credits & words

Unlimited plagiarism checks



Texta AI - Best AI Writing Tool
ImageSource: TextaAI

Texta is a simple AI article-writing tool that automatically writes long-form content without any single mistake. If increasing productivity is your only motive then Texta will fulfill your wish. Simply enter your preferred keyword and Texta will automatically write a full-fledged article for you.

Texta supports more than 27 languages from English, and French to even Arabic and Greek. Thousands of businesses including Wix, Discovery Channel, Grammarly, Shopify, etc. trust Texta and I think you should too. Texta also offers its API integration to connect your existing platforms or apps in it. Last but not the least, Texta has a partnership with Grammarly to make your articles error-free. It also claims 50+ more use cases along with a punctuation checker, grammar checker, and spelling checker.

Texta Key Features

  • Beast mode (content writer + editor)
  • Plagiarism-free content
  • Professional SEO tools
  • Professional editor
  • Writing Tools
  • Social Media Ads Generator
  • Startup Tools
  • Website Copy
  • Sales Copy
  • E-commerce Description Generator

Texta Pricing

STARTER ($10/month)

PRO MAX ($17/month)

PRO MAX PLUS ($29/month)

Good Quality

Professional Quality

Professional Quality

300,000 words (~300 articles)

600,000 words (~600 articles)

1,200,000 words (~1200 articles)

1-click article generation

Everything in Starter Plan

Everything in Pro Max+

Professional Editor

SEO keyword optimizer

Advanced mode

27+ languages

Writing assistant

Priority support

50+ templates


10 user seats

1 user seat



5 user seats


TextCortex AI

TextCortex AI - Best AI Writing Tool
ImageSource: TextCortexAI

Wherever you need it in your browser, boost your writing. Start with a single concept, and the rest will follow naturally. TextCortex is an AI writing assistant that simply understands you, makes suggestions about how to make your writing sound more authentic, and empowers you to produce like never before.

No more sitting alone in front of a blank canvas with a writing block. Write documents to communicate your ideas to coworkers and clients, send convincing emails, and discover the phrase you've been looking for. We want to help you accelerate your creativity wherever you need it in your browser, powered by TextCortex's AI with a purpose. We've got you covered, from text tweaks to full creation. TextCortex AI has features like rephrasing content, long-form content creation, bullet to-mail feature, etc.

TextCortex AI Key Features

  • Sentence Rephraser
  • Engagement Metrics
  • Plagiarism check
  • Sentence formatting
  • Tone checker
  • Grammar Check
  • Autocorrect

TextCortex AI Pricing

FREE ($0/month)

PRO ($9.99/month)

BUSINESS ($49.99/month)

Ideal for small businesses, creators, and students

For individuals and businesses who create regularly

Full creativity users who text all day, every day

15 creations per day

Unlimited creations

Unlimited creations

Rewriting & Rephrasing

Everything in FREE version

Everything in PRO

Extend your text

E-Mail writer

10+ languages

Email writer

Long-form posts

Size L length


20+ creation templates

Tone Changer


WebApp AI text editor


INK AI Content Writer

INK AI - Best AI Writing Tool
Source: InkAI

How authors and teams can produce organic content more quickly, more easily, with better ideas, fewer errors, and a four times greater chance of appearing on Google's first page. Gain access to the most effective optimization AI that continues where all other content marketing tools end. A score, an outline, or keyword stuffing is not what INK is about.

INK AI is a perfect combination of AI writer, SEO optimizer, Copy Assistant, and Content Planner. This AI writer helps you write unlimited content. INK SEO Optimizer helps you optimize content for better Google ranking. The INK Copy Assistant helps you write your thoughts in grammar, words & tone. Finally, INK Content Planner will help you turn keyword lists into actionable content planners. The INK suite is more beneficial than Jasper, SurferSEO, Grammarly, and Keyword Cupid because this single AI writing assistant is capable of handling their work alone and at a much more affordable price.

INK AI Key Features

  • AI Writer
  • SEO Optimizer
  • Content Planner
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based with desktop apps 
  • WordPress extension.
  • Learning resources available (Help center, Blog, Content resources).
  • Library of templates.
  • Offers topic suggestions and instructions
  • Email support.
  • Users may quickly and simply produce content that will rank highly on SERPs.

Ink AI Pricing

FREE ($0/month)

PROFESSIONAL ($20/month)

5,000 AI words/month

Unlimited AI Words/month

120+ AI tools

Natural language optimization

Long Form Writer

Team management

Email support

Chat support