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ContextMinds Features and Pricing

Organizing your important ideas is very important in a successful business. When starting any type of business, you need a good team, good ideas & thoughts, funds to run the industry, and definitely a good leader who can lead your company to a higher position.

If you are given something that can organize every idea you are having and generates content for implementing your ideas into a visual presentation, you would run your business more efficiently and productively.

This is where ContextMinds come in. Although we have seen many flowcharts & diagramming software for businesses, Context Mind is powered by highly advanced AI algorithms that can find, process, and generate astoundingly good content. With the help of ContextMinds, users can generate content that is loved by both end-users and companies. AI behind this software looks for everything you need about your provided keyword, and you don't need to waste your time finding content around the web.

If you want to know about ContextMinds, keep reading the article for more information. This article includes the features of ContextMinds, different plans of ContextMinds, and actual reviews that are given on ContextMinds by real users. So, without wasting any time further, let's get started.

What is actually ContextMinds?

ContextMinds is an AI-powered software that comes up with attractive and engaging content ideas for writers, students, and marketing professionals. It automatically gathers information, organizes high-quality content, and visually shows the content after entering your main keyword in the app. ContextMinds is also capable enough to look for related topics, keywords, and content.

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ContextMinds helps users to write quality content using organized & targeted keywords. If you are a marketer, ContextMinds will brainstorm for getting you attractive content for your ideas.

ContextMinds Pricing & Features

Now you know that ContextMinds is a fantastic tool for collecting useful and important keywords for your SEO articles, marketing campaigns, and business mottos. But there are some features and plans you won't like to miss. So, stay tuned!

ContextMinds offers three plans: Free, Pro & Pro Lifetime.

Free plan:

  • 5 private maps
  • The daily limit on topic & keyword suggestions

Pro Plan includes:

  • Unlimited Private Maps
  • 6000 topic & keyword suggestions per month
  • 1500 web & AI article suggestions per month

Pro Lifetime Plan includes:

  • Everything in Pro
  • Pay once, use forever

ContextMinds Pricing and Features

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ContextMinds Features

Helps You Find Relevant Keywords

The AI suggests the most relevant keywords as you add topics to your content map. It's like having a brainstorming partner who knows everything about the internet.

Create a Content Map For Your Desired Topic

Drag, drop, arrange, and connect ideas as they come to you. Creating a content outline for anything from a single article to an entire content strategy couldn't be easier.

Personal Idea Library

ContextMinds saves your ideas, relevant keywords, and mind maps in its personal library powered by AI. This simply allows users to quickly get a history of ideas and keywords which you can use to get more relevant suggestions.

Better Organize Ideas with ContextMinds AI

Content Maps is the best feature of this software and ContextMinds lets you organize your ideas in quick and simple content maps. It will surely provide useful topic suggestions and more relevant keywords related to your topics.

ContextMinds Reviews

ContextMinds Review

ContextMinds Review

ContextMinds Review

ContextMinds Review

ContextMinds Review

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