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What is Ambivo and what are its features and pricing?

The customer is king! If you can fulfill customers' needs, you can run a successful business in this competitive world. That's why companies use CRM  (Customer Relationship Management) software for their businesses. They use CRM software for non-stop working, project management, customer scheduling, etc. They also use such software for time management as well.

There are several powerful CRM software available in the market. But in this article, we'll talk about a new growing CRM software, known as Ambivo. We'll discuss Ambivo's features, plans, pros and cons. So, without wasting any time further, let's get started.

Understanding Ambivo: What is Ambivo CRM?

Ambivo is a SaaS application designed mainly for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers features for businesses to manage their leads, contacts, sales, pipelines, and customer relationships.

Ambivo Features

Ambivo is a powerful CRM & business software that offers a user-friendly interface, and strong features. It has simple navigation and easy accessibility for users of different technical skills. For more detailed features of Ambivo, get more into this article.

Ambivo Features

Customizable Dashboard

Ambivo. compared to other CRM software, also provides a customizable dashboard for users to adjust their toolset as per their preferences. It helps them display more relevant and high-priority information upfront, thus boosting efficiency in decision-making processes.

Ambivo's dashboard can also be called Eagle's Eye for your business as it provides a full overview of your sales, revenues, engagements, and more. It also features a number of widgets to add to your dashboard, such as sales performance charts, Lead generation and conversion metrics, Customer engagement stats, Financial reports, Social media analytics, and much more. All of these widgets and other items on Ambivo's dashboard are fully customizable, and you can arrange these items as well. 

Ambivo Dashboard

Sales Pipeline Management

With its complex sales pipeline management system, Ambivo helps you track leads, manage interactions, and examine sales performance metrics. After studying every report, you can easily create efficient sales strategies to grow your business.

Ambivo offers three pipeline stages: 1. Customize your pipeline 2. visualize deal progress and 3. Manage deal details.

Using Ambivo, businesses can build a pipeline that represents their sales processes. Users can customize pipelines for prospecting, qualifying, and negotiation.

Users can use Ambivo to track sales movements by dragging and dropping deals. They can also add essential information to each deal, including contact details, deal value, next steps, and key timelines.

Customer Data Centralization

Ambivo also focuses on centralizing necessary customer information for personalized interactions. Ambivo CRM also helps in examining customer data, provides personalized communication, and helps businesses maintain strong client relationships.

Ambivo integrates with popular CRMs, marketing automation tools, e-commerce platforms, and other applications to store customer data, where data is automatically synced and updated in real-time to get the most precise information. It creates unique customer profiles with their contact information, purchase history, engagement data, preferences, and more. It segments the customers based on demographics, behavior, and other standards for targeted marketing campaigns.

Task Automation and Reminders

Along with making better communication and interaction, Ambivo CRM is responsible for automating daily tasks and setting reminders with the CRM platform. Thus, it reduces the workload of manual efforts, saves time, and increases the task completion rate.

Users need to set up rules that automatically trigger specific actions, such as sending a follow-up email after someone fills out a form, or updating a customer record when their contact information changes. Ambivo users can also schedule one-time or recurring reminders for tasks, deadlines, meetings, and other important events, and receive notifications through email, push notifications, or pop-up alerts.

Omnichannel Marketing

You don't need to worry about using different apps for personalized emails, task reminders, and messages. Ambivo CRM platform allows users to get direct access to all of your messages, newsletters, and promotional/personalized emails at the same place.

Real Time Insights on your Performance

Ambivo features customizable email marketing campaigns, SMS marketing to send targeted SMS messages, and compelling landing pages & forms to capture leads and then convert them into customers. Users can directly manage social media and schedule their posts directly from Ambivo. They can also send targeted push notifications to mobile users so that they can be updated with new updates and offers.

Real-Time Insights

You can also get real-time insights into your performance. Know what is working and what is not by handling your data through Ambivo. Get auto-generated reports, which include sales performance, user demographics, shared contacts, and more. You will also get task reminders, appointments, and other reminders to keep your day productive.

Ambivo CRM Features

Pricing Plans

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