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Projectsly Features and Pricing

Projectsly is a software for managing projects that allow users to design and execute plans. Similar to, Projectsly has many features to monitor the real-time status of the project, create roadmaps, custom reports, design flowcharts, collaboration with teams, and many more.

Projectsly also offers 35+ apps with a subscription worth only $14.99/month.

Projectsly Features

Easily assign projects and tasks to your teams, collaborate better, and communicate easily within a team to complete more tasks in less time with Projectsly Project Management software. It is developed by 500Apps that features the following functionalities.

Easy Collaborations & Co-ordinate Tasks

Achieve success for every project you undertake. Organize all the details of your work in one place and outline each step.

Completing projects before deadlines are essential for growing your business and achieving success. That's why Projectsly offers easy collaborations and communications are also made easy to talk about projects & tasks.

Boost Productivity

Organizing teams and assigning tasks to team members help organizations achieve more goals in less time. Projectsly's clean and intelligent workspace allows you work-from-home. This also boosts the productivity of a business. From task management to collaboration and diagramming, Projectsly can do it all.

Multiple Views

Projectsly features different visualization tools to show various team tasks. It offers Kanban View, List View, Calendar View, Gantt View, and My Tasks section to simplify your task management process.

Kanban Board

You would have seen sticky notes. Kanban Board is just like that but in tracking tasks. Kanban Board tracks tasks through every stage of the process. It improves the transparency of your work processes through boards. Create categories, set parameters for tasks, drag-and-drop boards, and group & sort tasks, all using Kanban Board.

Gantt Chart

Gantt Charts help you to easily check for current & upcoming meetings, deadlines, and deep insights on task schedules. This Project Management software helps in Time Management, Schedule Tasks, Set Parameters for Tasks, Track Tasks, Track Dependencies, and Multiple Chart Views. You can also share Gantt chart reports in JPEG, PNG, and SVG formats or you can print them in PDF format.

Automate Workflows

Projectsly offers an invaluable workflow automation feature that is used for designing task flows based on project requirements. You can easily automate repetitive tasks using workflow automation using a drag-and-drop interface. You can also use automated workflows for creating a triggerable flow of actions based on task priorities, status, and more. Also, customize several flows in different ways and automatically assign tasks after an event triggers.

Goal Management

Create and manage project goals with Projectsly. You will be cleared while using its goal management feature. You can set clear goals and track progress. It also allows users to set deadlines for each project to be completed. Projectsly also offers Burndown Charts that show progress on tasks.

Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking

Employee monitoring & time tracking is very important to achieve major goals. You can use Projectsly to track the time of your employees and how much time they are giving to achieve their daily or weekly goals. It also lets you track project progress so that if they are far from achieving their goals, you can suggest them to enhance their productivity.

Team Discussion

Whether you're working remotely or in the office, team communication is very important. This Project Management software by 500Apps offers better team communication and better tracking of tasks and projects. This feature is also useful to get rid of errors and bugs during development. This software will also let you share files in your team discussion platform using the drag-and-drop interface. Team Discussion also offers you to tag your team members with "@mention" and assign tasks instantly.

GitHub Integration

Integration with GitHub increases Projectsly's task management features. You can create and track pull requests in Projectsly to improve that improves cross-functional collaboration. GitHub activities can also be tracked with the integration with Projectsly. Other GitHub features like Adding Line Comments and Merging Pull Requests can also be done directly from Projectsly's software.

Gmail Extension

Projectsly allows you to manage all your projects directly from Gmail using the Gmail extension, without switching between multiple tabs. Manage projects, workflows, and schedules with the integrated Gmail into Projectsly. Keep track of the team's progress with automatic data sync using Gmail & Projectsly integration.

Projectsly Pricing

CLOUD ($14.99/month)

Enterprise ($74.95/month)

50 Apps (Hosted in 6 locations)

50 Apps ( Hosted in 6 locations)

99.5% Guaranteed Global Uptime

99.99% Guaranteed Global Uptime

24/5 Email, Chat Support

24/5 Email, Chat, and Phone Support

Multiple Workspaces

Dedicated Account Representative

No Feature Caps

Minimum 25 Users

Personalized Onboarding

White Label

Extra Security and Compliance

Projectsly Project Management Software