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Monitask Employee Monitoring Software

Monitoring employees is crucial for maintaining the highest form of performance of employees. Team managers use these types of softwares for better communication with the team members. Employee monitoring softwares are also used for tracking employee attendance.

In this article, we'll talk about Monitask employee monitoring software. So, without wasting any time further, let's get started.

What is Monitask Software?

Monitask offers employee monitoring solutions for companies of all sizes including freelancers, remote workers, and office employees. It has different tools for time tracking and tracking attendance. Team managers can track employees' attendance and track when they arrive at the office and when they leave.

This software for monitoring employees helps organizations to grow their productivity, and manage their time well. Time tracking is another feature that helps team managers check how much time employees take on a particular project. Read ahead for Monitask features, cost, integrations, and alternatives.

Monitask Features

Monitask is a fantastic employee monitoring software with features like time tracking, employee attendance tracking, employee computer monitoring, and more. Further, we'll discuss each and every feature this software has to offer us.

Time Tracking

Time is one of the most important assets in the business world. So, when you talk about getting monitoring software for your employees, it must have a time-tracking feature that can track how much time employees are taking to achieve their goals.

Monitask time tracking

Monitask's time-tracking feature helps project managers increase the productivity of their teams. They can track employee hours, monitor team productivity, plan projects with advanced reporting, and more.

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Online Timesheets

Timesheets are easy ways to track time, calculate payments, and track invoices. Traditionally, organizations use Excel templates to create timesheets that lack productivity and miss deadlines at the same time.

Monitask online timesheets

Monitask's online timesheets offer a beautiful, and easy way to create timesheet data. It is easy to use and eliminates the need for manual timesheets which is actually great for time and money. This feature is lightweight and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Clock in/out Board

Managing employees' clock in/out is crucial for preventing time theft which is a common issue that companies face with their employees. If companies manually log employees' work hours, they might lose a lot.

Employee clock in and out

This employee software lets companies use a punch in/out of work from any location in real time. While this is web-based software which means you can access it anywhere and anytime. It lets you manage your team remotely, and also view employees' working time and attendance.

Employee Attendance

Tracking how much time employees are taking on a particular task is what Monitask is known for. It also tracks employees' attendance, reviews their work, and sees when they clock in and out. Time tracking and attendance feature help employees improve their efficiency. If the employees are not on the right path, it also provides them suggestions on what they should do and what they should avoid.

Monitask employee attendance

Monitask's online attendance system eliminates the need for managing manual timesheets. It takes regular screenshots of what employees are doing during work hours. It is also used for tracking what apps and websites are being used during work. Are employees consume time on social media or something else? This employee management software will take care of everything and inform the project managers of everything about employees.

Top Monitask Alternatives

  • Asana
  • Hubstaff
  • Trello
  • Time Tracker
  • Time Doctor
  • QuickBooks Time
  • DeskTime
  • Work Time
  • Jira
  • Toggl Track
  • When I Work
  • Toggl

Monitask Integrations

Monitask is a fantastic time tracking, employee monitoring software & attendance software. It comes with more than 50+ integrated apps that make it more powerful than other softwares in the market. So, let's see some of these integrated apps.

  • 10to8 online booking
  • 1CRM
  • Basecamp 3
  • ClickUp
  • Jira time tracking 
  • Remote Team time tracking integration
  • Abby
  • Accelo
  • Acquire
  • Act-on
  • Action Step
  • actiTime
  • Active Collab
  • ActiveTrail
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Acute
  • Adminja
  • Admiral
  • Adobe Sign
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Adobe time tracking integration
  • Affinity
Monitask offers integration with more than 100 popular apps in different categories. These apps include categories like Accounting, Ads & Conversion, CRM, Customer Support, Developer Tools, Documents, eCommerce, Email Newsletter, Event Management, Forms & Surveys, HR talent & recruitment, Marketing & Automation, Online Courses, Phone & SMS, Product & Project Management, Scheduling & Booking, Team Collaboration, and Website Builders.

Monitask Pricing

Monitask Pricing